Thursday, 31 January 2013

Guess the missing word teaser.

The proposed referendum question for Scottish independence has now been settled and will be "Should Scotland be an independent country? Yes / No "

The previous question that was proposed was "Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country? Yes/No” and was found to be potentially biased in favour of a Yes answer."

There has been a lot of debate about the question and The Guardian cartoonist has been having fun..

One of the words in the cartoon is hidden and the general consensus is that the word is SAVE or HELP or FREE by voting for independence.

(UPDATE 1st Feb 2013. There has been a lot of debate about the actual meaning of the cartoon. Some thought it may have been referring to the alleged foul language of the PM David Cameron when talking at PMQ's. However The Guardian have cleared things up and are quoted as saying " It’s a commentary on Alex Salmond’s vision of an independent Scotland and reflects Bell’s view it would be against Scotland’s interests." )


  1. monty

    I believe the word is 'Frightened' or so hansard tells us

  2. hi niko..can't see that fitting. Plus it isn't grammatically correct.
    Back to the drawing board ;)

  3. Last time I looked at Hansard there was no mention of that statement or is it another Ian Gray fictitious document that niko has. It was short and began with an 'F' so Fail would fit.

  4. CH


    As he sat down he appeared to add something. Various tweeters claim it was "fuck off". Hansard says it was "what are you frightened of?"

    I do not know, though Mr Cameron does have a taste for locker room language now and again. However I doubt that he would say "fuck" in the House, no matter how often he might wish to.

  5. It's a bit suspicious that the sound seems to have failed at the time in question.
    Hansard isn't the most accurate at recording what people say.
    Call in the lip reading experts.

  6. The visual media is about 20-30secs or more behind the radio broadcast so it is not live no matter what it says on the screen. There was a comment on the Record site by a someone allegedly with poor hearing who lip reads and confirms the swear for what that is worth.

  7. Yes cynical I was surprised when I read earlier that it's not live. I'd never realised that. Points to it being a sweary word then as I can't see any other reason for cutting Dave's sound.

  8. Despite the fact that Cameron has a very short fuse when it seems someone is bettering him, and that when he loses it, he can be pretty idiotic, patronising or rude, (probably because people of his class are not used to being bettered by oinks), I was prepared to give the posh one the benefit of the doubt.

    But I found it hard to work out why he would say "what are you afraid of", because Angus more than definitely isn't or wasn't afraid. He was cock a hoop.

    The SNP got the question they wanted all but 3 words. The NO campaign did not get any of the questions it had asked for.

    The SNP had set the spending quite low, not because it didn't have money, because it does, but because it knew other parties didn't and it didn't want an accusation of unfairness over it spending a couple of millions while the Liberals only had £1.40. OK £1.20.

    Additionally it took a smaller share of what it had set as spend, giving the No parties a massive advantage in funding, something like £250,000.

    The EC overturned that and gave the YES parties a small but significant amount extra.

    What was Angus afraid of? Afraid of getting the question he wants, and more money to spend on it? Hmmm, nope. Angus is not afraid of that.

    Who was afraid? Dave Posh-Boy.

    Why? Because he had bleated that the SNP MUST accept the findings of the electoral commission (despite the electoral commission being only an advisor). Then when the EC ruled that he, David Posh-Boy, had to come clean about jam tomorrow and what the settlement would be (at least in rough terms) he was FURIOUS. "I went to Eton. How Dare you cross me!"

    Still and all, I though, even this dick head wouldn't swear like that in parliament.

    But then a lip reader says he did.

    Of course no one anywhere near him is going to dob him in on this occasion, because they are all on his side on this one. The mic mysteriously went off and Hansard records nothing.

    Quel mystère extraordinaire

  9. In any case... none of that is really terribly important. We know he wishes that we all f off. That's not a deal.

    He said he would treat us with respect but we all know he's a liar.

    And he can't keep hold of his silly schoolboy temper.


  10. hi tris..I think the cartoon should have had Dave on it to make any sense then.
    It's weird seeing the tories getting all excited about Dave's EU referendum promise. The chances of it happening are nil.
    He previously promised a 'cast iron' guarantee of a referendum.
    He might not get elected.
    If he's elected it will be in a coalition with EU lovers.
    There's no room for 'negotiations' under the Lisbon Treaty.
    France and Germany have already vetoed 'negotiations.
    By 2017 the EU will have collapsed with individual countries controlled by troikas.


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