Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bob Servant. Independent.

Part 2 of 'Bob Servant Independent' is on BBC4 tonight at 10pm.

It has been having mixed reviews in the media and I'm not sure why as I think it is excellent.

It's filmed mostly on location in Broughty Ferry near Dundee and features Brian Cox as the prospective Independent candidate in a UK by election with Jonathan Watson as his sidekick.

Broughty Ferry is the posh part of Dundee and is where a lot of the old jute barons lived. There are a few good gags.

I thought the show would have been more popular but maybe hiding it away on BBC4 has lessened it's impact. It's repeated on BBC2 on Friday nights and part 1 can still be found here

Jonathan Watson is probably better known in Scotland than in England and is popular from his Hogmanay show 'Only An Excuse'..

I first heard of Bob Servant from the book 'Delete this at your Peril' where he documents his e mails back and forward to an online e mail scammer. He manages to scam the scammers. There are several books now which are written by Neil Forsyth who also wrote the tv show and has a cameo role in the show as a policeman.

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