Monday, 28 January 2013

Connery to be recalled ?

Rumours were circulating in Scotland tonight that secret agent Sean Connery might be recalled from his hideout overseas to head up the new SIS ( Scottish Intelligence Service).

Speaking at a Westminster Committee, the Deputy First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, said that an independent Scotland would have it's own intelligence service.

"In terms of security and intelligence, I would envisage Scotland having an independent domestic intelligence machinery in Scotland, sitting alongside our police service, but working very closely, given our sharing of an island, with the rest of the UK," she said.

Ms Sturgeon was grilled by posh maverick MP Rory 'bilderberger' McStewart ( below) who warned that Scotland might be too poor or wee to be able to afford to run a secret service and keep our secrets secret.

Mr McStewart said ...the infrastructure needed to fulfil requirements such as "protecting the identity of agents" would require "probably billions of pounds of investment", and this would be necessary before Scotland's allies "would be happy to share information"

Secret agent Connery wasn't free to speak tonight as he was on an assignment but he sent a video of his most memorable missions..

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