Sunday, 6 January 2013

CNN Votes Scotland 'top tourist destination'.

Excellent news about the decision by CNN to vote Scotland it's 'top tourist destination'.

SNP MP Angus MacNeil said: "Our combination of natural beauty, as well as increased number of air routes direct to Scotland, and the fantastic events of the Year of Natural Scotland have given Scotland even more appeal as a place to take a great holiday this year".

Year of Natural Scotland is a government initiative to showcase the country's scenery and natural heritage.

Yes , Scotland is a beautiful country and a great place to live but I can't stop thinking about the elephants in the room.

The above picture is of Stirling castle from the tourist brochures for Scotland and has been carefully photographed to avoid this type of picture..

Our 'scenery and natural heritage' that has been proclaimed to be so important for tourism is being gradually destroyed by windmills. Visitors arriving in Scotland from the south will be met by mile after mile of windmills peppering the hilltops along the A74...

Visitors will no longer be able to enjoy desolate moors such as Eaglesham where I used to love travelling across by bike when I was younger. It's now 45 square miles of windmills. With plans for expansion. 45 square miles of industrialisation and it produces less energy than a single gas fired power station and has only ever managed to provide 24% of it's claimed annual output. And the power station will still have to be built to provide the 100% back up for when it's not windy.

Desolate peatlands of Eaglesham moor today...

Nowhere in Scotland will be far from a wind farm with over 200 in the pipeline. This map is a bit out of date now but gives you a good idea of where we're heading. It logs the proposed and approved sites for wind farms in Scotland.

The second elephant in the room and the origin of 'the veiled sun' title for my blog is the loss of our beautiful deep blue skies from 10 or so years ago. We rarely see a clear blue sky. New Years Day was the first time for many months. Our sky seems to be permanently hazy with a veil over the sun. The only reason I can find is the constant trails from low flying aircraft that quickly cover the sky in a haze....

A few hours later and the sun is hiding behind her veil like a blushing bride....

But hopefully the tourists aren't put off by windmills and trail filled skies and will enjoy their trip to Scotland.

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