Wednesday, 23 January 2013

No EU referendum in an independent Scotland.

Sad news for many Scots [who want independence outside of the EU] tonight with Fiona Hyslop (above), the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs , refusing to offer Scots a vote on whether to stay in the European Union following a Yes vote win for Scottish independence.

Speaking on STV's 'Scotland Tonight' she was asked several times whether she would offer Scots an EU referendum but refused to say whether one would take place.

The SNP's plans for Scotland in Europe appear to have been settled with negotiations with the EU taking place from 2014 to 2016 after the independence referendum.

The SNP's plans were confirmed when Humza Yousaf (pictured below), the Scottish Minister for External Affairs and International Development, told BBC's 'Newsnight Scotland' that Scots wouldn't be offered a referendum on Europe if we gained independence from the rest of the UK in 2014.

There has been much debate about whether Scotland should apply to join the EU post independence but this debate is now seen as pointless with the majority of parties in Scotland being in favour of staying in the EU and the decisions already taken in private.

We might end up with the conundrum of an independent Scotland in the EU and the rest of the UK outside of the EU ( on the remote assumption that there's a referendum on the EU in the rest of the UK in 2017) with Scotland using sterling as a currency in the EU and the rest of the UK using sterling outside of the EU.

And how 'independent' do Greece, Italy and Spain etc now feel in the EU ? Their country's now run by the troika and their young folk going abroad to find work as their societies at home crumble under a mountain of debt.


  1. hi niko.....nah.... they don't support independence for Scotland ;)

  2. "We might end up with the conundrum of an independent Scotland in the EU and the rest of the UK outside of the EU"

    have been pondering this conundrum myself, nice to see someone else writing about it

  3. hi Fiona...hopefully things will be made clearer now that the referendum for independence question has been settled...but I doubt it ;)
    Everyone seems to be keeping things close to their chest.


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