Friday, 18 January 2013

Review.... BBC Reporting Scotland.

I've not watched BBC Reporting Scotland's 6.30pm news programme for a while so thought I'd have a look and see if they were following their charter and being 'fair and impartial'. Especially with the referendum on independence for Scotland next year.

I was going to provide a link to the programme but it has mysteriously disappeared. There are 9 other regions news reports from the rest of the UK still available for 24hours but no Scotland. Even the Channel Islands news gets to stay online for 24hrs but not Scotland's news.. Curious.

( available on iplayer at 1am 19th).

Or maybe not curious.

The show was dreadful so probably a good idea to hide it.

It started quite promising. We were going to be speaking to one of the Scottish hostages who escaped from the Algerian gas complex. Scoop ! Will be interesting. Err no. It was the same interview with 'Ian' that has been shown all day on the 24hr news channels. It's actually the property of Algerian State tv. Naughty Aunty !

There was a follow up inquiry into how waiting lists for cancer patients have exploded under the SNP. Cue sneering reporter as she replays what Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond said followed by...the truth. Not much right to reply for the SNP apart from a few quotes explaining that follow up procedures for cancer patients are for the doctors and nurses to decide. Waiting lists are being kept on schedule for first intervention procedures.

We had Glen Campbell hot tailing it over to the Czech Republic for a one to one interview with their Foreign Minister who explained how it would be Armageddon if we got independence in 2014. Thrown out of the EU with limited power in the EU if they decided to let us in. Probably nonsense but hopefully true as many Scots don't want to be in the EU anyway. Something the BBC could never comprehend. Of course no right of reply from the SNP or anyone from the Yes Scotland campaign. Oh and how come he had to fly over there anyway ? Don't they have skype in the Czech Rep. Or a phone ? Or satellite links ? Think of the polar bears with all that deadly aeroplane CO2. I still get night terrors thinking about the Czech Republic after Craig Levein's Scotland football team rolled over to be tickled with a 10 man defence a few years ago.

There was a story about 4 tubs of lard (sic) washed up on a Scottish beach. An expert explained that they were washed ashore because of the bad weather. This expert will get a job with the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) any day of the week with that insight and knowledge. I regularly see tubs of lard on the beach. Even in the summertime when it's nice.

The show ended with the 'Sports Report'. This was quite bizarre. Because Gordon Strachan had picked Mark McGhee to be his deputy at Scotland. And because Alex Ferguson was at Aberdeen FC at the same time as them then the Scotland management team was 'The Dons Dynasty'. With accompanying music.

No one from the 'old firm ' in Glasgow so it's obviously a fit up ?

Oh there was some weather. Snowy in winter...whodathunkit ?

Yes I can see why they deleted the replays. Totally 'unfair and partial'. And dire.

Score...1/10....I loved the Godfather films so one point for the mafia link and music.

UPDATE 1am 19th Jan....Reporting Scotland now available on iplayer. Sally Magnusson says " We talk to one of the Scots hostages". But they show the Algerian State tv interview with the sides of the video grab blanked out and 'BBC' pasted over the Algerian tv emblem. Weird.


  1. who wants to here what the snp have to say not me
    and not any decent normal people.
    starve them of the air of publicity give them nothing nothing.

  2. Own up niko. You work at the BBC ;)

  3. LOL LOL...

    Worth every bawbee of the licence fee...

    Niko: I do, and I pay for the BBC as much as you do, although that may not last much longer!!

  4. hi tris....yes it was a whole bag of coulter's candy worth of bawbees ;)
    The video seems to have changed again from Algeria. Weird.

    I was going to mention their report of a Glasgow council leader getting caught by the police doing something with a man in a car behind his partners back but it was a bit too seedy ;)

  5. Gave up all tv a decade ago and don't miss it and gave up radio Scotland as my new year resolution except fot 2-3hrs at the weekend. I hope the arrogant RS managers get a 'doing' this week in front of the culture committee.

    O/T Desperate man blowing in the wind. Dam forget I mentioned wind. :-)

  6. hi tv tax is due soon so I might join you and give up on tv as well. It will only get worse as the referendum approaches.

    Your link shows a desperate campaign by Mr Darling right enough. He addresses the 'Yes Scotland' campaign as 'anti UK'. How childish. I love the UK but want independence and to be friends with the rest of the UK. Trading as equal partners.
    Plus his funding worries are meaningless. He's got free backing from nearly 100% of the media / UK state and they haven't even got properly started yet. This is worth millions.

    Now if we could just get the SNP to scrap wind power and their love of the EU and the global warming scam etc then I might vote for them post independence :)


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