Friday, 23 August 2013

Unionist bedroom tax madness.

Kudos to The Daily Record newspaper. They're not letting up on their story about Labour controlled North Lanarkshire council who are evicting disabled lady Lorraine Fraser from her home for non payment of the bedroom tax. She "is being kicked on to the street after her Labour-run council took court action to force her out her specially adapted flat.

She has scoliosis – curvature of the spine – and arthritis and she is wheelchair-bound.

The council moved Lorraine into a specially adapted flat with a wheelchair ramp, wet room and handrails two years ago.

Now they want to turf her out for failing to pay just £248 in bedroom tax arrears".

She is seen in the photo above talking to the leader of the Labour run council, Jim McCabe who said "This is bang out of order, you coming to my door like this"

Not really Jim. She's tried everything else and been fobbed off so obviously thought a bit of doorstepping might help to focus minds.

Jim went on..."I am totally, 100 per cent against the bedroom tax. It is the most abhorrent, heinous piece of legislation ever introduced. I never introduced it.”

SNP councils have banned any threats of eviction but Jim voted against a policy of no bedroom tax evictions.

Plus Labour could have overturned the bedroom tax in February if they had bothered to turn up for the Opposition Day vote in London.

So taxpayers spend thousands of pounds making a flat suitable for Lorraine to live in and then Labour plan to evict her for a few hundred pounds arrears on a bedroom tax that they think is 'heinous' ? Oh and will now have to make another flat suitable for Lorraine to live in if she is evicted from her present one.

Jim claims that the threats of eviction are just a paperwork exercise and to ignore them but people know that to ignore 'letters fae the cooncil' is madness....they have the power to throw you out of your house. I wonder how Jim would react to threatening letters 'fae the cooncil '?

Hopefully people start to wake up and decide to vote for independence for Scotland and dump the 'Better Together' Union.


  1. Incredible.

    Another flat will have to be adapted, as you say, and her son, who sometimes stays with his dad, will no longer be able to come and help look after his mum whose condition is deteriorating.

    Labour, the party of the working man.

    My arse.

  2. hi tris...yes it's a depressing story with Labour showing their true colours....follow the London Labour party line on supporting the bedroom tax and don't rock the boat.

  3. Lanarkshire Bedroom Tax Bullies

    This evil Under Occupancy Penalty couldna get much crazier
    Look at the harassment of brave disabled mum Lorraine Fraser
    Do North Lanarkshire Council have a heart as cold as a glacier?
    Those wee council meanies wanna implement a house seizure
    Never mind Lorraine’s children, her illness, the arthritis or scoliosis
    Lorraine doesn’t have life easy, it’s not a bed of bloomin’ roses
    Taking her to court for arrears of £248 is institutional psychosis
    That’s not even a month’s rent, now she’s got to pay court cost
    A decision that makes Lorraine poorer, a decision akin to frost
    No compassion or conscience, they care not if her home is lost
    Her home n sanctuary, specially adapted so Lorraine can survive
    Lorraine’s a brave ‘un, she’ll fight so her home they canna deprive
    Her kids Colette and Mark sleep in these rooms, they aint spare!
    Does Lanarkshire Council consider their plight? Do they even care?
    They have become Manicshire Council with their manic harassment
    Lorraine and family are facing eviction for less than a month’s rent
    Lorraine is getting worse, every day she’s ill, she doesn’t need stress
    She’s fighting the bullies who want to make a disabled lady homeless
    Yes the single worst piece of legislation Jim McCabe has ever seen
    Targeting the most vulnerable in society, is dishonourable and mean
    Let Lorraine live happily in her home, the council should leave her alone
    End this evil and unjust Bedroom Tax, into the bin it should be thrown!

  4. hi marz...aye it's a shocking state of affairs. I read that Jim McCabe the council leader is now backtracking furiously and promising there would be no evictions so fingers crossed for Lorraine and her family.


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