Friday, 16 August 2013

Scottish Government plan to undermine the traditional family is traced back to the United Nations.

I couldn't figure out why the SNP Government were putting so much effort into the new 'Children and Young People ( Scotland ) Bill so being curious I had a read of the Bill and it all clicked into place pretty quickly. The plan to undermine traditional family life in Scotland with a snooping 'named person' creeping after our children from birth to aged 18 ( with secret info kept on file forever) is actually the final implementation of parts of the protocols of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) ratified by the UK Conservative Government in 1991 with updates to the UNCRC on progress in 2007.

The Bill sets out in Part 1 that it is fulfilling the requirements of the UNCRC protocols.

From the Bill...

"the UNCRC requirements means the rights and obligations set out in..

(a)Part 1 of the UNCRC

(b)Articles 1 to 6(1), 6(3) and 7 of the first optional protocol, and

(c)Articles 1 to 10 of the second optional protocol."

The puzzling silence from the opposition parties is explained by the fact that they helped to set up and ratify the various protocols. It also fits in with the ideology of the BBC so there will be no problems from that anti SNP organisation on this occasion.

It's main aim seems to be to remove the authority of parents in the upbringing of our children and to hand the ultimate power over to the UN controlled national governments. A child will be a member of the global village of the United Nations first and family second.

The SNP have jumped the gun and are implementing the UN instructions even though they had no role in ratifying the agreement. That was done by the London Parliament at Westminster. I must remember that when the SNP complain about being railroaded by London in the future.

I don't see the word 'parents' in the United Nations graphic above. Funny that eh ?

The scarier parts of the new Bill that jumped out at me were....

1* .If children are seen as in trouble then they will get a 'child's plan' into which everyone and their dog can throw in their snippets of information. Children who are members of the regular Armed Forces don't get these plans...presumably because regulars move around the UK and England hasn't implemented the snooping laws yet. I'm not sure what happens to children whose parents are members of the Armed Forces since the parents will also move around the country and leave the jurisdiction of the Scottish authorities.

2*. There will be a secret 'Scotland's Adoption Register' known as 'the Register' where Scots kids can be adopted by foster parents from overseas and we won't even know where they have gone. The Scottish government will pay people to look after the register and can charge people for info from it.

3*. Children will be followed from area to area and all the tittle tattle about them will be passed on to the next authority. It doesn't mention what will happen if they go to England where the plan isn't being set up ...yet.

4*. The list of public bodies who will have an input into the new system is massive and even includes the creepy 'Common Purpose' led organisation 'Creative Scotland'. We met 'Common Purpose' back in December when one of it's members helped to close down the Remploy factory in Dundee. Common Purpose is an unaccountable taxpayer funded organisation that claims to 'lead outside of it's authority'. It's a sort of shadow administration that picks individuals who it thinks are in useful positions to further it's agenda. Individuals who work for councils, the BBC etc.

The UN is happy to be seen as a bumbling and ineffective organisation as this suits them just fine but they actually work tirelessly behind the scenes to remove the role of families and to promote their marxist agenda.

* References...Children and Young People ( Scotland ) Bill. (pdf file)

*1. Part 5 inc 7(b)a child who is a member of any of the regular forces.

*2. Part 11 (13A) inc (2)(v)prospective adopters outwith Scotland.

13A(3)the register is not to be open to public inspection or search

13A(4)Information is to be kept in the register in any form the Scottish Ministers consider appropriate.

13C(3)(c)prescribe a fee which is to be paid by an adoption agency when providing that information.

*3.Part 4 (26) Information Sharing.

*4. page 42. Schedule 1 "Authorities".


  1. Totally disagree with this move...although some parents don't even begin to do their jobs as parents. And some kids are completely feral and no one can control them.

    By the age of 6 or 7 they are violent and abusive, not just to other kids (which some always were...I remember being bullied when I was 5), but now to teachers too.

    It's not the kids' faults If you have a mother who prostitutes herself for drugs and takes in rather unsuitable boyfriends who get their kicks by hurting you, and you manage to survive without being dead (Brandon Muir style) by the time you go to school, it would be surprising if you turned out to be a model child.

    When I worked in Kirkton there were kids that wandered around in an out of the community centres where I worked because their mothers/their boyfriends were off the tits on smack, or booze.

    I can see that something has to be done.

  2. hi doesn't matter if the children are from a good home or a bad home they will still have a 'named person' snooping on them from birth with laws that allow the child to be shipped abroad in secret.
    I dread to think who the 'named persons' will be. The history of social workers etc isn't encouraging.
    It's classic marxism. Breaking up the traditional family structure and making child care a public affair. Easier for brainwashing and instilling a single doctrine into them.

  3. Yes m'Lord. I agree. I wasn't agreeing with the government, or questioning your basic points.

    Just like you I'm very wary of giving adults of any kind, access to children, based on the evidence of so many examples of churches, social work departments, carers, and "stars".

    I'm less worried about political intonation (incidentally, I think far right wing groups do exactly the same, so it's not exclusively socialist in nature), and more about the enormous number of incidents of sexual abuse of kids, which you seem unable to open a paper and NOT see.

    My point was, that we do need to look at (and god only knows how or what we can do about it) the fact that so many kids being born to largely teenage, largely single mothers of largely low income 'families', are now totally out of control, almost feral, for the want of any structured upbringing. They are frequently malnourished,, or fed on crisps and coke.

    Not only, of course, are the kids in these situations often subjected to horrific cruelty at the hands of "stepfathers" (Brandon Muir, Baby Peter type situations), there is ,I have no doubt, sexual abuse too.

    In fairness I'm not suggesting that there is something particularly new about any of that.

  4. hi's not a left / right issue as these are irrelevant in today's system where both sides now support the same issues....bail out the bankers, support nukes, support for the EU/UN/ etc.
    Our child neglect issue has nothing to do with the UN. It's our problem to deal with but is being used as an excuse to introduce the marxist doctrine into our system.

  5. Thank you for highlighting this issue. Please consider signing and sharing this petition which is helping to get the word out.

    For background information and the latest news please visit thes forum threads.

  6. hi Sheila...thanks for that info. I'll check your links out and your petition. Hopefully people start waking up to the present nightmare of state surveillance from cradle to grave.


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