Friday, 9 August 2013

Better Together for some.

I've just been tallying up what 'Better Together' anti Scottish independence Chairman Mr Darling has made over the last year with his speeches and book etc....nearly £200,000. In a year. Most of the speeches are to the financial sector. They will still be cock a hoop at the largesse provided to them by the Labour Party and will be seeing him alright. Years of letting rip in the financial sector with a no holds barred policy of ripping us off and awarding themselves massive bonuses....followed by a well forecast crash and taxpayer bailout has them all very grateful to the former Chancellor.

Mr Darling also did well out of his home flipping policy. He managed to flip 4 homes in 4 years maximising the amount he could claim in expenses....


April 2008

Main home: Downing Street

Second home: Edinburgh townhouse

September 2007

Main home: Edinburgh townhouse

Second home: Downing Street apartment

September 2005

Main home: Edinburgh townhouse

Second home: Kennington flat

April 2004

Main home: Lambeth flat

Second home: Edinburgh townhouse

It's a wonder he managed to keep up with all the comings and goings while helping to run the country (into the ground). He didn't....he hired an accountant to sort it all out..and charged it to the taxpayer of course.

So while food banks are springing up around Scotland in order to help to alleviate hunger the Chairman of 'Better Together' is travelling the world imparting his words of wisdom on financial probity while telling gullible Scots at home that they're too poor, too weak and too stupid to run their own affairs in an independent country. You really couldn't make it up.

The Union has been good to Alistair and his cronies and he will fight tooth and nail to keep things the way they are. The ermine gown must be next for his loyalty.


  1. It goes without saying that Alistair will be elevated to the house of lords if he wins the referendum for them.

    If he doesn't he may flip his nationality so he can make full advantage of the £300+ tax free a day.

    On past records he's unlikely to want to turn that down.

  2. hi tris....yes they keep filling their boots and accepting all the baubles they can ( while we have poverty and hunger in an oil rich country ) .... yet people keep voting Labour. Propaganda on an epic scale.
    Scotland...the only country to discover oil and end up poorer.


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