Friday, 2 August 2013

The death throes of Scottish 'journalism' .

As expected, BBC Newsnight Scotland did a story last night on the SNP 'Yes Scotland' pro independence campaigners "posing as Labour for Independence supporters" in a series of photographs published on the internet and in newspapers. This was despite the fact that the story was debunked earlier in the day by the excellent 'Rev Stu at Wings over Scotland' and in numerous comments left at 'The Herald', The Scotsman' and 'The Daily Record' who also ran with the fake story.

The photo had been cropped with the comment below the photograph saying "Big thanks to @labourforindy for attending todays EastAyrshire @YesScotland stall." being deleted.

Another comment deleted was "Lab4Indy in Killie today campaigning alongside Yes East Ayrshire".

The biased agenda was to make out that " Labour for Independence" was just an SNP front and that no one in the Labour party would seriously consider voting for independence. The polls differ of course and the 'Yes Scotland' Deputy is former Labour MP Dennis Canavan but this is ignored. The biased media in Scotland are trying to polarise the options between the status quo or an Alex Salmond led SNP in an independent Scotland. The fact that the people of Scotland can vote for whoever they like after a Yes vote for independence is studiously ignored by our 'journalists'. Whenever someone raises this point they are quickly cut off. As happened last night on Newsnight Scotland.

The truth of the 'cropped picture' could be found after spending five minutes looking on the internet yet we are led to believe that the vast resources of the BBC failed to find this out.

It must be time for the international monitors to be called in. The Zimbabwe elections have just finished so there will be some observers available at the moment to monitor things in Scotland.


  1. I agree about Internatiinal Monitors and I cannot understand why the SNP Government have not already made moves to have this in place

  2. Hi Rod...Hopefully something is being done behind the scenes to get some international monitors involved but I doubt it. Alex Salmond didn't seem too bothered when he was asked about it on Radio Tay.

  3. I wonder who would be suitable as a monitor.

    Not the USA. They want the Uk to remain together so that they can be available at high table to agree to whatever the USA wants.

    Possibly EU or Chinese monitors, but I can't see Cameron agreeing to lesser beings checking up on Englishmen.

    It's just not cricket, old boy, to suggest that chaps would have to do with anything fishy...

    (...Like Prince Andrew and his dubious friends or Princess Ginger selling off appointments with him, or Charlie selling seats at the royal wedding for finance for his trips so that he can keep more of the money we give him for himself, or the Lords fiddling or the Commons fiddling or the papers paying police for info and hacking phones; people like Leveson getting his information from Wikipedia and the Church too busy with little boys in cassocks to bother about poverty.)

    We need monitors. I imagine that if "yes" loses, especially by a small number, there will be disquiet in the land unless they can prove that it has been done fairly.

  4. hi tris...the monitors are based in Warsaw in Poland and are part of the OSCE and are the "Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights"

    website here....

    Hopefully feelers are being put out behind the scenes. All of the evidence of bias and who is saying what and when is all now recorded automatically so it's easy to compile for presentation when putting forward our case for urgent intervention.


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