Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Blogger sentenced to 600 lashes and 7 years in jail.

Ouch !

We might complain about civil liberties in the UK but at least they haven't started flogging us if we go 'off message'....yet.

This blogger got sentenced to 600 lashes and 7 years in prison for the mortal crime of saying.......drum roll.............

"Muslims, Jews, Christians and atheists are all equal

It's not all bad news though as "the 600 lashes will be administered in groups of 150, with Badawi allowed to be hospitalised and given a break in between."

We might get our hard drives symbolically smashed in a newspaper basement or sit in a sweaty airport office for 9 hours but they haven't got out the whips yet. Phew !


  1. Yikes man.

    Don't give them ideas.


  2. hi pa.....some bloggers would probably enjoy a good whipping....not me though ( to the 'monitors' ) ;)


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