Monday, 19 August 2013

Lib Dem MP brands bedroom tax 'absurd' despite not voting against it.

Lib Dem MP Andrew George has said that the bedroom tax is "absurd and will split communities and give taxpayers bigger bills" despite failing to show up when there was an attempt to block the new tax during an Opposition Day vote on the 27th February. He then went on to outline all the other problems with the bedroom tax that had already been discussed before the tax was introduced. It was as if he was living in a cave during the initial debate over the tax and had failed to notice the debate.

The bedroom tax was voted through during the Opposition Day vote on Feb 27th with a majority of 41 but could easily have been defeated if 44 Labour MPs' and 34 Lib Dem MPs' hadn't been 'absent'. A few will have been seriously ill or otherwise engaged but not 78 of them. Only 39.3% of Lib Dems bothered to turn up for the vote.

Oh and guess what....the total number of MPs' absent was 155 (inc tiny squeaker) so you can see how our 'democracy' works. Around 77 MPs' on each 'side' of the fake parliament were 'absent'. We have a democracy by text from the whips office telling the 'honourable members' whether they were an 'absent', an 'aye' or a 'nae' with all the numbers carefully worked out in advance.

Andrew did manage to tweet and speak about 'saving the whales' on the day of the vote so he wasn't too bored on the day he stayed away.

We're all used to the broken pledges and hypocrisy of the Lib Dems although I'm in agreement with him about the whales. Just a pity about our poor people though.


  1. Aye, whales are important, and probably more agreeable company than most people.

    Liberals and others may have found the subject of whales less controversial that throwing old sick people out of their homes although there is no where else for them to go (what with them being in an unholy alliance with the Tories, who appear to positively enjoy hurting poor people).

    If you sup with the devil you have to accept that not doing what the whips tell you may result in a far lower likelihood of a place in the house of lords when your constituents throw you on the scrapheap for being a traitor to your party's principles. And £300 a day tax free isn't to be sneezed at.

    From his picture he looks like he'd fit in with the other loonies in the ermine house.

  2. hi tris..he has an uncanny resemblance to call me dave. With his shiny face and empty suit appearance.
    Lib Dems are bullshitters of the first water. Saying whatever they think will get them elected. With no interest in ever carrying out their promises.
    I remember sitting in a small village hall in Fife listening to the great Sir Ming drone about how great devolution would be for Scotland ( back in the 90's). I asked him if he would have to stand down from Westminster before entering the race for the Scottish Parliament. He sort of waffled a bit and then admitted he would be staying at Westminster.....far too important and gravitas a figure for the prentendy parliament in Embra. He likes his scatter cushions and designer flats and ermine gowns too much I expect.

  3. Ah yes, the failed leader.

    A bit like Gordon Wilson.

    He could bore for Scotland too.

  4. hi tris...yes Ming ultimately failed. Embarrasing during his short spell as leader, couldn't save RAF Leuchars from closure, NE Fife roads a disgrace, Guardbridge paper mill shut down. A bit of a pointless career he has had really. Kept in power by students at St Andrews Uni I expect.
    Hey.... I used to campaign for Gordon Wilson !


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