Saturday, 24 August 2013

Selective morality at BBC Scotland.

Witnessing the faux outrage from BBC Scotland over the contents of the hacked e mails between the 'Yes Scotland' pro independence team and Dr Bulmer I was interested in how they suddenly saw no problem in discussing the contents of hacked e-mails.

While forensic detectives from Police Scotland were examining the Yes Scotland computers BBC Scotland were having phone in programmes over the contents and devoting most of Newsnight Scotland to the contents of the e-mails. Ignoring the illegal hacking as if it was of minor importance.

Compare their response to 'Bulmergate' (copyright Monty ?) with their response to the 'Climategate' e-mails which they vehemently refused to mention as they said they were obtained illegally. It took weeks before they decided to say something on the issue with the story already all over the free media outlets.

Climategate exposed the global warming scam and how the climate 'scientists' had cooked the books to "hide the decline" in global warming despite a huge rise in CO2. The BBC had earlier decided that global warming was a real and 'settled science' ( after a secret meeting with all the usual suspects ) and that they wouldn't report any alternative viewpoint. They also had part of their pension pot invested in global warming companies. This put them in a tricky situation over the issue so they decided not to mention Climategate until they started to look even more stupid and biased than they already were.

Another tricky situation for BBC Scotland is the ongoing 'Charlotte Fakes' e mails and letter leaks that have been going on for months. Non football supporters will probably not have heard of Charlotte but she's been all over the football blogosphere. She's leaking details of the unholy alliance between Scottish football's finest and Glasgow Rangers. Her leaked e mails show how the PR machine at Rangers helped to guide them through the liquidation process and out the other end. Kudos to them as they have just been doing what they're being paid for but if some of the leaked e mails and notes are genuine then it shows BBC Scotland in a very bad light. The PR company allegedly invoiced for a call they made during the Celtic v Motherwell cup final that got BBC man Rob McLean to ask about alleged Celtic sectarian singing. This was to balance the negative press that Rangers were getting over similar singing. 'Whataboutery' is a popular phrase in Scottish football. If one team is accused of some wrongdoing then they always say..."aye but what about them and their singing, fighting "etc...

Needless to say BBC Scotland have kept their listeners ignorant of the furore over Charlotte's outpourings despite some of the e mails being pretty damning. The award winning journalist Tom English who is the Chief Sports writer at 'Scotland on Sunday' often appears on BBC Radio Scotland's football show and is constantly being asked on the blogosphere and on twitter to investigate the leaked e mails but vehemently refuses to do so. I don't think he has even asked any of the figures involved ( mainly the great and the good at the SFA / Rangers ) if any of the e mails are genuine. I never saw Tom as part of the 'succulent lamb' brigade. The journalists who lapped up whatever they were told by the football bosses in order to curry favour with them. Meanwhile keeping their readers in the dark about what was really going on. I thought journalists were supposed to investigate ?

'Charlottegate' will follow 'Climategate' and get out into the media eventually. Despite the BBC ignoring it.

Then it will be fun to watch with 'jelly and ice cream' ( another football saying ).


  1. The hacking has got GCHQ fingerprints all over it which is why all of our media are using diversionary tactics. The media now is starting to realise that their failure to accurately report the financial system fraud the world is suffering from has backfired because of the internet.

    The Confidential Memo at the Heart of the Global Financial Crisis

  2. hi cynical..yes the internet hacking scandals and subsequent court cases are just a pointless charade nowadays as our spooks could clear things up in seconds with a quick look at their data.
    I'll take a look at your link later ta.


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