Thursday, 8 August 2013

Better Together Chairman earns £23,200 from private healthcare system.

The partial collapse in the NHS in England and Wales has been a disaster for patients. An emergency fund of £500m has just been announced in order to shore up their A&E departments. This follows the partial collapse of their 111 non emergency help line. The system where you get to speak to someone with 5 weeks training as you clutch at your chest gasping for breath etc. NHS Direct are dumping 111 as they say they're useless and too expensive. The various scandals at the 'NHS Trusts' are probably just the tip of a very big iceberg as well.

But the controlled collapse of the NHS down south in order to bring in privatisation has seen rich pickings for our London parliamentarians. Over 200 are now making money out of the private sector. There are 73 MPs', including Alistair Darling, Chair of the anti Scottish independence 'Project Fear' and 'Better Together' campaigns trousering good money out of the privatisation of healthcare..

From here...

" Alistair Darling...."MP for Edinburgh South-West: 7 April 2011, He received a fee of £10,200 for addressing a dinner organised by Cinven, London. Hours: approx 6 hrs. On its website it states: ‘Cinven has been involved in European healthcare over a 20-year period and invests in market-leading, cash-generative companies.’

Cinven is a leading buyout firm, who bought 25 private hospitals from Bupa. Other UK investments include. Spire Healthcare, who run private healthcare hospitals, and whose clinical director Jean-Jacques de Gorter said the use of private sector would spiral as a result of Andrew Lansley’s reform proposals. General healthcare group, which runs healthcare services, and whose group includes: BMI healthcare. The other company is Générale de Santé who are France’s leading healthcare provider."

He also earned nearly £13,000 for a speaking engagement at Pru Health, the private medical insurance company....

25 January 2013, I received a fee of £12,999 which included £249.60 in respect of travel costs for speaking at a seminar organised by Pru Health. Hours: 5 hrs. (Registered 8 February 2013)

Why anyone would want to pay £1700 an hour to listen to the man who helped to bankrupt the UK is a mystery to most folk but that's a story for another day. A quick look at part of Mr Darling's speech to the April Labour conference as Chair of 'Better Together' is interesting...

"We are better and stronger, when we stand together"

"The NHS – there when you need it, no matter where you are in the United Kingdom"

Aye ok Mr Darling. Whatever you say. How are things going on Tracy Island by the way ?

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