Saturday, 10 August 2013

Former BBC man bans the BBC for bias.

I was reading the report of the recent meeting between some of the Glasgow Rangers board and some 'influential fans' the other night and noticed this statement from Jim Traynor ( above right)......

" The BBC are banned. They are supposed to be here on Saturday. They have paid to be here but they won’t be getting in. They can complain to the SPFL and it’ll be up to them if they want to sanction the club but hopefully it won’t come to that."

The new ban is said to be related to the 'exclusive leaks' to the BBC from somewhere inside Ibrox.

Scottish football fans will remember Jim well from his old football phone in show 'Your Call' on Radio Scotland. He often fielded calls from listeners who claimed there was an establishment cover up protecting Rangers and that Jim secretly supported Rangers. This was always vehemently denied and ridiculed.

Eyebrows were raised therefore when Jim quit the Daily Record newspaper ( known colloquially as The Daily Rangers) and Radio Scotland to become Rangers Director of Communications. The subsequent top secret '5 way agreement ' between the various bosses who 'run' Scottish football and Rangers to keep them in the football league after liquidation has also fueled speculation of something sinister at the heart of Scottish football.

Rangers have banned the BBC from speaking to it's manager and players before for perceived bias and no sanctions have ever materialised from the SFA. Rangers fans who pay their tv tax are being denied access to their team yet nothing is done. The SFA leader got a £30,000 pay rise this year despite the lack of any leadership being in evidence.

Fresh turmoil has erupted at Rangers just as the new season gets under way yet news of what's going on is left up to the various football blogs to explain. The mainstream media have been reluctant to get involved. There are fears that Rangers will run out of money by Christmas and that it may enter administration before the former Rangers completes it's own liquidation. This would be a world record and would finally end the dispute over whether Rangers is a new club or the same club as sanctions for entering administration are different for each scenario. A new club with no history of administration would get off with lighter sanctions so may be the desired route to take.

Former 'saviours' like Charles Green and Craig Whyte are now seen as villains. Charles calls himself a 'straight talking Yorkshireman' and said that the present team was the worst in history ( subsequently claiming he was just repeating what former manager Walter Smith had told him ). Manager Ally McCoist went ballistic and said that the attack was part of the reason they lost to Forfar Athletic in last weeks cup game. Along with the strong wind on the day.

The 'straight talking Yorkshireman' quit as Rangers chief executive back in April after he was quoted in a newspaper report referring to former Ibrox director, Imran Ahmad, as his "little Paki friend".

He says he has returned as a "£1,000 a month" 'consultant' in order to help Rangers through the present turmoil although it's thought that he's worried about the fall in the share price of Rangers from 70 pence to around 40 pence. He did offer to sell £14m worth of shares to his critics by last Friday but no bid materialised. His shares are thought to be 'locked in' until December. The situation at Rangers is further complicated with RIFC ( Rangers International Football Club ) owning the football stadium and training ground and TRFC ( The Rangers Football Club) managing the players and staff. Maybe the eventual outcome of another administration event will be TRFC renting the grounds from RIFC.

Rangers play Brechin City at Ibrox today and a protest is planned against the Charles Green consortium that is now seen as an impediment to progress at Ibrox. The season ticket money is all in now ( bought during Walter Smith's brief spell as a 'calming influence and a true Rangers man' Chairmanship ) so it's doubtful how effective the protest can be.

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