Friday, 8 November 2013

"All of us have got the right to speak ".

We've got 'gorgeous' George Galloway MP visiting Dundee this weekend. He's coming north to tell us to "Just say Naw" to independence for Scotland. Tickets are still available at The Whitehall Theatre if you're really quick. A bargain at £12.

"Just say Naw" isn't really a Dundonian slang. We'd say " Just say Nut" but that's probably too close to the truth for George's visit.

George said that "all of us have got the right to speak" about the referendum for Scotland in this video.....

George was repeating the myth that Nigel Farage of the UKIP party had been attacked by SNP, anti English supporters in Edinburgh when the truth was that there were no SNP supporters present although there was an English public schoolboy

Oh and the one person charged was also English.

Last year Scotland was voted the top holiday destination in the world by CNN based in the United States. We welcome everyone to Scotland and are famous for our friendship and hospitality irrespective of a person's race or religion or nationality.

But what about George's claim that "all of us have got a right to speak ".

Will this include Israelis living in the UK ?

George recently walked out of a conference because he doesn't debate with Israelis. I support a homeland for the Palestinians myself but refusing to speak in debates won't help the situation..

George has no problem working for the Iranian Press tv though where gay men are sentenced to death for fighting for their "right to speak" and to live their lives freely and openly.....

I don't know what to make of George. His "Talk Radio" show used to be quite funny but quite often any attempt to challenge him was met by the listener being cut off or he would revert to the old Scottish trick of " whataboutery". This is where any attempt to attack one side of an argument is met by " oh but what about them though".

George has been stirring up fears about what would happen to catholics in an independent Scotland and he said that sectarianism " would undoubtably be able to flourish more"......

He failed to mention all of the fantastic work that has been done in Scotland to stamp out sectarianism. I was brought up in Dundee with a catholic father and protestant mother. I saw both sides of the religious divide being equally sectarian in the 1960's and 1970's. As an atheistic Dundee United supporter I was often accosted by gangs in the schemes who would ask if I was a Celtic or a Rangers supporter in order to determine where my allegiance lay. As an atheistic Utd supporter I had to try and guess which religion they were in order to provide the correct answer and so avoid a doing. This attitude has been mostly wiped out now and Scotland has brought in the first laws to criminalise sectarianism. As a 'responsible' MP George should be promoting the positives rather than reinforcing the negatives. His glee at the demise of the old Glasgow Rangers who are in liquidation was hardly 'statesmanlike'...

George is no better or no worse than the rest of them in the London Parliament. I'm not sure how well he will be received back in Lochee which he recently called a " slum" when he was growing up there. He would watch all the drunks staggering about in the slum apparently. I notice he said that his childhood was " idyllic" in Lochee in the latest Courier newspaper report. Idyllic living in a slum with drunks staggering about ? Mmm possibly I suppose. In George's world.

I think if I went to George's show I would ask.......

1.How can we be 'Better Together' in the Union with Scotland having some of the worst deprivation and life expectancy in Western Europe despite being a so called 'wealthy oil producing nation'. Where has the trillions of pounds of oil money gone ? Norway has saved £800Bn. We've saved nothing.

2. How can it be right to be regularly governed by the Tories when no one has supported them since the 1950's in Scotland ?

3. Why are we spending £40Bn on a new generation of nukes when food banks are opening daily all over Scotland to feed the starving ?

4. Why are we being dragged into eternal foreign wars against countries that are no threat to us ? Bringing death and destruction and despair around the globe.

The list is endless and George would probably cut me off or switch to 'whataboutery'.


  1. I wonder if anyone will go.

    Isn't he up before the beak for "irregularities" in this charity accounts?

    I'm surprised he's allowed to make a money making tour in Scotland when he should be in England representing his constituents from Bradford.

  2. hi tris...I think the Whitehall Theatre is struggling a bit so maybe a huge audience will help them out.
    I'm not sure what the outcome of the charity investigation was.
    I read a report where George said that he was getting bored being an MP and that he might try for London Mayor . George v Boris ?

  3. First class post, thanks for this. Mr Galloway is a world class hypocrite, and it is fitting that you highlight this so lucidly, great stuff.

    1. hi Mafia......cheers...I find it difficult to fathom him out. He makes good points about the illegal wars etc but then supports the Union that sends us off to illegal wars etc.
      He leads a charmed life.

  4. The man is a fraud. Actually, if he looked in the mirror, he would see what is wrong with the Union. People like him, with a cynical approach to making money from the injustices in the UK, milk the vulnerable and the ignorant of cash.
    Cash! That is what the Union is about. Cash, that corrupt people like George accumulate out of the misery surrounding them in a corrupt and failing system.
    He should be paying us to listen to his rubbish.

    1. The United Cashdom. Yes, that is what everything in their lousey kingdom is about. Money.

    2. hi Wave....I wonder why he couldn't just stand in the City Square when the next "Bitter Together" team do a one man show. Instead of charging us £12 to listen to him tell us all how we're too wee too poor and too stupid to be independent ?


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