Saturday, 16 November 2013

Call me Dave going back to year zero in the UK.

Embarrassed by all of his 'cast iron' guarantees and other such promises made in speeches and pamphlets, call me dave ( photo above investigating human rights abuses in Sri Lanka ) has come up with a wizard wheeze. Delete the effin lot of them lol !

Call me Dave has picked 2010 as his 'year zero'.

No more comeback on drivel such as......

" With the Conservatives there will be no more of the tiresome, meddlesome, top-down re-structures that have dominated the last decade of the NHS…So yes, I’m proud to say the Conservatives will stop these pointless, retrogressive re-organisations and closures."

Or the even more tiresome....

"When it comes to the firing, we’ve said we’ll introduce a power of recall to allow voters to kick out MPs mid-parliament if they have been proven guilty of serious wrongdoing"

( Phew....Eric Joyce etc can trough easily for another couple of years. )

Here's something else they are removing from the search engines...

"We need to harness the internet to help us become more accountable, more transparent and more accessible - and so bridge the growing gap between government and governed".

It's not all bad news though. The ecowackery 'hug a huskie' stuff has also been removed.

" One more windmill and the huskie gets it "....

Update 17th Nov 2013/1984....

It seems I was a bit unfair picking on Dave for deleting stuff he didn't like anymore. It seems that the other political parties are also using the memory hole to delete stuff that they no longer want us to read.

Mind you, the links to the articles mentioning the deletion of documents will probably end up down the memory hole as well. But maybe there will be a new article about the article that mentioned the deletions. It's getting all too 1984 for me. Time for my porridge.

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