Sunday, 3 November 2013

Millionaire Tory MP claims £5,822.27 for gas and electric.

While we're all being told to put on a warm jumper or switch energy suppliers in order to cut our energy bills the joker above claimed £5,822.27p for gas and electric on his large estate in Warwickshire this year.

Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi , the Stratford-upon-Avon MP, boasts on his website of his ­achievements on the Energy Bill Committee at improving energy efficiency measures to homes and businesses.

No need for any energy efficiency for himself though. Why bother if someone else is picking up the tab ?

'Only' 340 MPs put in claims for their energy bills and the Mirror newspaper has made a helpful interactive map so you can see who claimed. All the usual suspects are on there so go and have a look.

Millionaire Labour leader Ed Milliband, who is campaigning for an energy price freeze claimed £348.55p for 3 months energy and so froze his own payment at zero.....

Millionaire Anas Sarwar's seems quite reasonable at only £575 ( 3 monthly or per year ?)but Cathy Jamieson's was £725 ( 3 monthly or per year ?). It might be worth putting on a warmer jumper or switching suppliers Cathy.

Of course it goes without saying that the habitual trougher 'Dame' Margaret Beckett is up near the top of the list at £3,960.

The sheep will keep voting for her so she'll keep on troughing.

The last expenses scandal...


  1. We are all in it together because that is what they tell us!

    1. hi cynical...People keep voting for these folk so things will never change sadly.
      The expenses website ipsa is full of some little gems. £400 flights from Glasgow to London and thousands in car parking charges etc....

  2. In what... the same jumper.

    God I hate that arrogant cow Becket. I wouldn't mind so much if she hadn't been a total failure in every job she ever did. while she troughed to her heart's content.

    1. She's a 'socialist' dontchaknow !
      She would suit a turtle neck sweater.

  3. "She would suit a turtle neck sweater."

    I thought she was wearing a turtle neck sweater?

    Im sick of getting my coat :(

  4. hi John...aye it's hard to tell either way ;)


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