Saturday, 16 November 2013

Tory MP who claims expenses for his biscuits attacks the starving poor.

Tory MP Paul Maynard thinks food banks can become a "bad habit" for poor people. He said "people could start going to food banks out of habit rather than helping themselves."

He continued... "I value personal responsibility. I do not believe that immediate food relief should be the role of the Government. What I don’t want to do is normalise food poverty."

If Mr Maynard had done any research then he would have known that people need a referral from a job centre or doctor etc to get a food voucher. You can't normally just turn up and get food. Most referrals are for people who are waiting for their claims to be processed and the food keeps them alive until their benefits arrive.

Not content with a £20,000 pay rise in the pipeline, Mr Maynard charges taxpayers for his biscuits.Oh and of course his cups. And coasters. And tumblers. A nice tray. Oh and soap to wash up with afterwards.

The food at food banks is mainly provided by charities and supermarkets. Not by the government. Over half a million people in the UK now rely on food banks while we waste billions on nukes, illegal wars, the corrupt EU, the man made global warming scam 'green levies', useless windmills, bailing out the zombie banks so that they can rip us off again and of course feeding troughing MPs like Mr Maynard.

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