Saturday, 23 November 2013

Dundee gears up for Christmas.

Canned 'Christmas music' in Asda and the Christmas tree in the City Square. It's the start of 5 weeks of torture as we enter 'the festive season' in Dundee.

At least we're allowed to call it 'Christmas' this year. In order to conform to the PC brigade the council were advertising a 'Winter Festival' 2 years ago. Much to the annoyance of everyone ,including local muslim groups, who have no problem with 'Christmas'....and made their views known.

There's the usual hot food outlets operating in the city centre. I tried one which was selling stovies but they were inedible unfortunately. Re heated and whiffy with lumps of gristle and burnt bits beware.

There are a lot more beggars than usual in the Murrygate / High Street area. I usually give money to them because at least I know they're getting the money rather than helping to pay some fake charity chancer on £120k a year plus pension and expenses. The 'Big Issue' is now pricing itself out of the market so the sellers must be suffering.

Dundee failed in it's attempt to win the bid for 'UK City of Culture 2017'. Much to the delight of BBC Scotland who said it was because we've got an independence referendum next year and it 'put off' the selectors. Oh and BBC Scotland were also furious at Alex Salmond the First Minister for promoting Scotland with a £5m tourism drive. How very dare he was the general feeling at BBC Scotland. I wish we could get our £400m tv taxes back from BBC Scotland and close their building down. We could use that £400m to invest even more in tourism rather than letting BBC Scotland use it to run down Scotland. Oh and the BBC Scotland building at Pathetic Key in Glasgow could be converted into a homeless shelter. Get some use out of it for a change.

I seem to have got diverted from my cheery Christmas post so here's some more photos to get you excited for Christmas...

Desperate Dan has had enough and is off....

Beryl the Peril fires at happy Christmas shoppers...

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