Sunday, 20 October 2013

Malala circus rolls into town.

Poor Malala. Shot in the head by the taliban in Pakistan and now dragged around the world as a useful propaganda tool for the West in it's fake 'War on Terror'.

You know things are getting surreal when she shares the stage with the former PM Gordon Brown who bankrolled the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have seen thousands of civilians ( including hundreds of 'Malala's') blown to pieces or maimed for life or left to suffer a lingering death by depleted uranium poisoning.

And of course the death toll is still rising with daily drone attacks on 'suspected militants' ongoing.

Drone strike casualties in Pakistan...

Pakistan 2004–2013

CIA Drone Strikes

Total strikes: 376

Nobel peace prize winner Obama strikes: 325

Total killed: 2,525-3,613

Civilians killed: 407-926

Children killed: 168-200

Injured: 1,117-1,505

Malala was in Edinburgh addressing the first public meeting of the Global Citizenship Commission and to receive an honourary degree from Edinburgh University. The Commission is headed by the weird Gordon Brown and contains all the usual folk from the shadowy parallel government that really runs things in the world...UN, Rothschilds, Carnegies, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers etc...

A 'Malala inspired' scholarship programme has just been announced which will see as many as 40 young women from Pakistan go to university.

The Scottish Government is putting up £300,000 for the initiative, with External Affairs Minister Humza Yousaf saying it would help these females “achieve their potential and ambitions”.

Sadly there are many Pakistani children who will never "achieve their potential and ambitions"...

The kids try to get us to stop killing them but it's all to no avail....

Preparing to attack more 'militants'...


  1. Is that his moral compass blanket he's wearing?

  2. hi cynical...all sociopaths love their honours and baubles and cloaks of office. Re inforces their sense of worth or something.

  3. It's his Santa Claus outfit. He's trying out for Jenners... (Nothing second rate for an ex prime minister).

  4. hi tris...Jenners in Kirkcaldy ? :)

    I wonder whose beard he would borrow ;)


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