Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dundee cancer 'street healers' get £200k to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Despite the fact that 'the experts' now admit that there's no link between CO2 and the global warming scam it seems that the SNP government haven't got the message yet.

Dundee's 'Gate Church International' have just been awarded £200k to help them to reduce their carbon footprint.

"Gate Church International, in Perth Road, is getting the money from the Scottish Government’s climate challenge fund.

Its carbon saving project aims to promote behaviour changes towards low-carbon lifestyles.

The money will go towards a bike rack for 20 pushbikes and special ‘destratification’ fans to be placed in the church auditorium.

The church raised eyebrows back in April when it claimed to be able to cure people of cancer by praying over them.

They also handed out leaflets to Dundee shoppers that read..."Do you suffer from back pain, arthritis, MS, addiction, cancer, ulcers, depression, allergies, fibromyalgia, asthma, paralysis, crippling disease, phobias or any other sickness?

We’d love to pray for your healing right now! We’re Christians from Gate Church International. We believe God loves you and can heal you from any sickness today."

I've always believed in live and let live and if people want to believe in God or whatever then that's up to them. I don't think taxpayers should have to fund them in any way though and I don't think they should be allowed access to young minds in order to influence them before they have developed suitable cognitive abilities to determine for themselves if there is a God and that they want to pursue this further.

It's sad therefore when you read this statement on the Gate Church website.....

"Baby Church is for infants aged between birth and two years old. At Baby Church we seek to demonstrate God’s love to the babies through singing, story telling, play and lots of repetition. We cover 3 main areas: things God has made, things God gives us and love for all He has created. Through ministering to the children in these areas we can do so much more than just babysitting. We have the opportunity to sow into their lives the truth of God’s love for them, knowing that we are laying foundations of precious stones.

Toddlers (aged 2 - 4 ) learn that "we can talk to God"

As kids get older the 'training' seems to draw them further into their religion with no alternatives shown to them.

Children are not 'religious' but are the children of 'religious parents'. How can a baby understand religion when it's cognitive abilities haven't yet developed sufficiently ? It happily believes in Santa Claus so will have no problem believing an adult if they say that they must believe in an invisible man in the sky on threat of burning in hell for eternity.

The 'church of climatology' and the 'religious churches' are well matched as they both believe in faith and they both hate to be challenged.

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