Friday, 6 September 2013

Man's pants catch fire live on the telly !

Viewers choked on their popcorn last night as Labour MP Anas Sarwar's pants caught fire as he pledged that labour would scrap the Unionist bedroom tax if they got into power. This was news to London Labour who admitted that they have pledged no such thing.

Mr Sarwar refused to answer any questions put to him by Nicloa Sturgeon of the SNP during the televised debate and decided to make up stories instead.

An unofficial spokesperson said that Mr Sarwar's nose started to get really long as the porkies spilled out of his mouth and then... kaboom !!...his pants burst into flames.

It was great telly to watch but a sad day for Mr Sarwar's career. Will the millionaire now join his dad in the Punjab ? That's the big question everybody is asking tonight.

Except BBC Scotland of course. They've 'mysteriously' missed the big bedroom tax story and are breaking on a dog being found in a layby with a matted coat.

Poor Bob.....


  1. The most telling thing about that shambles of a 'debate' was the pundits comments in the studio showing our fight is with all of the MSM not just Westminster.

  2. hi cynical...I know. STV's Ponsonby called it a 'draw' lol.

    No mention of the bedroom tax reversal from BBC Reporting Scotland tonight either. Putrid biased organisation. Hopefully they will all be sent to London after independence and we get a decent news organisation up here in Scotland.

    1. Losing our trust will bring about the BBC's downfall

      There are still a few jounalists left in Scotland.

      I hear that the world really is mad as the Olympics are going to Tokyo I hope the athletes can get radiation insurance as they will need it.

  3. hi cynical..could you imagine the coverage if it was an SNP bedroom tax and the UN special investigator was flown in to investigate while the deputy leader decided to scrap the tax live on tv ? The BBC would be covering it 24/7 with a 'bedroom tax special' on prime time tv. BBC Scotland are our modern day 'parcel o' rogues'.The only consolation is that Wark, Bird, Brewer, Campbell etc will be remembered in 300 years and not favourably.

    Tokyo will be a ghost town in 2020 if all the reports are correct about the caesium 137 etc leaking from fukushima. It's like the Qatar football world cup in 50 degrees heat...all politics and money rather than sport.

    Your link wouldn't open...probably my slow broadband on a Sunday morning.

  4. It was an archive link to a herald article by Ian Bell and it is not working for me now strange will investigate.

    Came accross this site Fukushima Update for your info.


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