Sunday, 29 September 2013

Convicted war criminal endorses the global warming scam.

Convicted war criminal Tony Blair arrived in New York on board his private jet to endorse the findings of the latest IPCC report on global warming and said "No 'serious person' should doubt man is behind climate change".

The war criminal went on to say.."After this panel assessment this week, there will no longer be any serious doubt in the minds of serious people that this is a serious problem. Ninety-five per cent certain, is a pretty large degree of certainty – I recall that the number of people who think Elvis is still alive is round about five per cent,” he added, to laughter."

Well there won't be much laughter in Iraq today where daily bombings are still taking their toll. Blair was "100%" certain that the intelligence on WMD's in Iraq was accurate and he believed everything he was told by the 'experts'. There were no WMD's and the 'dodgy dossier' on WMD's was found to be full of half truths and best estimates and general tittle tattle dragged from the internet. A bit like the IPCC report. Blair is obviously easily led as he kept telling us he was a 'straight kinda guy'.

Blair's new £30m private jet has been nicknamed 'Blair Force One' and comes with a distinctive black, gold and silver livery and is a prized find for plane spotters, who post sightings and photographs on the internet. It is reckoned among aviation experts to be the best long-range private jet on the market. "

Blair Force One...

Blair may opt to swim home to one of his mansions due to the serious nature of man made global warming and the role of private jets in increasing deadly CO2 into the atmosphere. Or maybe not.

One of Tony's 'carbon neutral' houses...

Blair was found guilty in a Malaysian court of crimes against peace, crimes against humanity, and genocide as a result of his role in the illegal invasion of Iraq which left the country in ruins, millions homeless, millions dead or disfigured and a constant stream of deformed babies being born due to the use of depleted uranium shells.

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