Friday, 20 September 2013

Bendy Wendy stabbed in the back by her own brother.

Damian McBride, the former smear artist and Gordon Brown henchman has been spilling the beans in the Daily Mail about his time as a spin doctor for Brown. His new book has helped to solve the mystery of what happened to Wendy Alexander, the former 'Scottish Labour' leader after she kept demanding a referendum on independence for Scotland. She kept telling the SNP to 'Bring it on' which seemed to go against the wishes of London Labour who certainly had no interest in a quick referendum on independence for Scotland.

According to McBride it was her brother Douglas Alexander ( the present shadow Foreign Secretary ) who finished her off with a knife in the back by telling Gordon that she had to be sacked as she was contradicting London Labour with her demands for a quick referendum on independence for Scotland. Dougie helpfully advised Gordon to use the 'dodgy Guernsey donation' issue as the reason for her to resign. This would act as a smokescreen for the real reason for her to be sacked....their panic over her Scottish referendum demands.

McBride's book 'Power Trip' reveals the full gory details of how the Labour party really operate and will be an 'interesting' read. It won't be covered by their followers in the BBC etc so you might have to order it from the library.

It would be great to leave all the Labour smears and spin behind after independence but they're entrenched in Scotland as well so they will always be a stain on us.

Order from the library....

Wee Doogie.....butter wouldnae melt in meh mooth ye ken..


  1. Seems to be par for the course in Labour, the Alexanders were at it as were the Milibands. Its telling that politics more and more is becoming a family business - soon none of them will be able to oust anyone without it meaning a family member getting it in the neck.

    Douglas Alexander is a first class throbber as well - not to be trusted at all.

  2. Its marked down in UK at £13,20 and the Kindle is £11,88.

    I imagine it will pretty soon be remaindered in the likes of Poundland.

    There were far too many of these books, and most of them sold badly, but now it's all old hat. I think I'll hang on for a couple of months, but it will be another eye opener.

    I read Mandelson's and Lance Price's, but I couldn't face reading Blair's. Smarmy bastard.

    I have to be honest and say I don't know anything about Dougie, but if this is true he's a real arse.

  3. hi pa...aye it's definitely who you know rather than your skills and experience that get you on in the Labour Party. That's self evident by looking at all the other 'throbbers' masquerading as politicians...Elmer, Spud, Snotgobbler, Jonah, Jack o'malawi, eyebrows, Millipedes, Ballsup's, Harperson, Anus, Mandleslime, Bliar etc..the list is endless really. A disgusting bunch of misfits and incompetents.

    hi tris...I wouldn't spend a penny on any of their memoirs. Order it from the library so your local library has a copy of their misdeeds for future generations to read. Oh and it helps to keep the libraries open the more people order books etc.


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