Monday, 2 September 2013

Labour Party's failure to block 'bedroom tax' will cost Scotland £50,000,000

'Scottish Labour's' new Finance spokesman Iain Gray has estimated that it will cost Scottish taxpayers £50m in order to negate the effects of the 'bedroom tax' on Scotland.

44 Labour MPs failed to back the SNP and vote against the bedroom tax during an Opposition Day vote in the London Parliament in February. 44 Labour MPs 'absented' themselves from the vote allowing it to be defeated by 41 votes.

Mr Gray "called on the SNP government to find the cash, saying they could easily raise the money."

Scottish Labour's new 'big hitter' Mr Gray then explained that Labour would 'reform' local tax in Scotland as the SNP had been freezing the rise in council tax for too long and this just won't do.

An independent Scotland would scrap the bedroom tax immediately and in the meantime have tried to get the Labour Party to support their commitment to block any bedroom tax evictions.

'Scottish Labour' leader Ms Lamont was unavailable for comment and is thought to be organising another top secret 'better together' public meeting.

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