Saturday, 28 September 2013

Global warming scam becomes a religion.

It's official. With just blind faith to sustain them, the global warming scammers have gone all religious. Bless them in their ignorance.

The latest rubbish from the IPCC ( Inside Pachauri's Church of Climatology ) can't explain why there's been no warming for nearly 20 years ( apart from saying that the extra heat might have been absorbed by the sea...wonder why the sea has just started doing that in the last 20 years...the sea ate my homework ?) so have opted for blind faith and said that they're 95% certain that we're all going to burn up and the oceans will rise and wash us all away. Or something like that anyway. That's up 5% from their last report. Since when it's stubbornly refused to get any warmer on the planet.

I could estimate ( with a group of fellow consensus seekers) that I've got a 95% chance of getting knocked down by a car if I run onto a motorway. It doesn't mean that I will. It's not science. Just what I think might happen. I wouldn't put zillions of dollars on the outcome either way as there's no scientific evidence to support my 95% idea.

Science is never 'settled' and certainly isn't any more real by having a 'consensus'. It should be constantly re evaluated and any discrepancies in data looked at independently. There was once a consensus that ulcers were caused by stress or spicy foods etc. Until two Australians discovered the real source...the H pylori bacteria. The two Australians were ignored until they proved their research using real science. By blocking any criticism of the global warming religion the IPCC and their useful idiots have backed themselves into a corner and are closing their eyes and ears to any other scientific view.

We all know what this global warming/ climate change/ climate disruption/ climate religion is all about. It's to create a world carbon tax and keep thousands of pseudo scientists, politicians and BBC employees etc in a well paid job. And to maintain their credibility and reputations. Nothing more nothing less.

Future generations will laugh at us for the blind fools that we are. Followers of the man made global warming religion caused by harmless carbon dioxide. With our weird and useless windmills and carbon taxes and other useless, but very expensive, follys.

The climate is constantly changing. We've had ice ages and tropical periods over the same land mass long before man came on the scene. We'll go through these natural cycles again in the future due to the actions of the sun or other natural phenomena.

Ignore all the lies coming out of the BBC etc and watch an alternative report on the global warming scam and the IPCC....

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