Thursday, 5 September 2013

'Better Together' leader spins to Chartered Accountants.

Pro Union 'Project Fear' leader Alistair Darling has spun his pro Union rubbish to ICAS ( audio link ).

Luckily the Scottish book keepers are switched on so will have seen straight through the man who helped to crash the UK economy with his 'hands off' light touch approach to UK banking.

While Alistair waltzes around London earning thousands of pounds making speeches the people of Scotland stand in line at the latest food banks.

Scotland...the only country to discover oil and end up poorer.

Better Together...aye for Mr eyebrows and his chums like Blair, Mandleson and Broon etc but not for the rest of us.

"Darling was asked whether the Better Together campaign was, as yet, too low key. He pointed out that it’s simply not possible to campaign flat out for two years, but added: “As we get closer to the vote, you can be sure that both sides will up the ante."

If you hold your 'Better Together' public meetings in secret then it will be very low key.

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