Friday, 21 December 2012

The next deadly threat to the planet......Water Vapour !!!

Phew, we survived the Mayan Apocalypse. But wait. There's another disaster on the way.....DEADLY WATER VAPOUR !!!. ( scary photo above).

Yes the experts are warning that this deadly fresh water vapour being emitted from COOLING TOWERS is "wrecking the climate"."Wrecking" doesn't sound very technical. Next they will be advising us to bury harmless hot air under the sea or something. Oh hang on........"Governments and greens alike may well regret neglecting CCS in favour of more glamorous technologies"

CCS ...carbon capture and storage...the billion pound bonkers idea of burying harmless hot air under the sea ? Not glamorous no. Just bonkers.

I suppose while there's billions to be made from the global warming myth then we'll have to put up with all this green rubbish.

Even the met office agrees that there's no global warming despite thousands of new power stations opening up around the globe....

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