Saturday, 8 December 2012

energy saving trust / Scotland

The energysavingtrust have been advertising on tv and delivering letters to Scottish households over the last few weeks and I'd advise people to take notice. There are serious offers available from free insulation to complete central heating systems. The free offers are dependent on many factors including your age and the condition of your house and associated heating and insulation etc. It's not all means tested and is on a first come first served basis with limited funding for each financial year.

I prefer our money going into these practical projects rather than into wasteful windfarms , solar farms and wave energy.

So don't ignore this chance of keeping cosy as we enter a new little ice age. You might just get general advice but you may be eligible for a spanking new combi boiler and new radiators.

UPDATE : Advertising on tv is directing people to this website....


  1. So you agree with continuing to acidify the oceans which are the lungs of the planet and the means of our survival as a species?

  2. hi cynical..windfarms result in an increase in CO2 emissions so I'm not sure where you're coming from.
    Conventional power stations have to ramp their output up and down to meet demand as the wind farm output is so unreliable. This is inefficient and causes an increase in CO2 emissions.

  3. Which isn't the fault of windfarms but of our antiquated grid system which was designed for large inneficient power generators.

  4. hi cynical..conventional power stations are about 70 to 80% efficient compared to 15 to 20% for wind farms.


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