Wednesday, 26 December 2012

First Minister's Christmas message.

BBC Scotland didn't have a spare 3 minutes to show the First Minister of Scotland's Christmas message so here it is......

The Christmas tv schedule was even more rank than usual this year. The same old rubbish with 'Christmas special' tagged on the end to make them sound special.

Paul O' Grady with some Christmas dogs. Some ancient 'Carry on' films and the usual chat shows with the associated mad screaming and clapping at every nuance or movement or amazing utterance from the man on £1m a year. The guests were the usual suspects. Lefty comedians ready to slag off the Tories and Boris as they drift from chat show to comedy panel show. Who is 'Miranda' and where did she come from and why do people watch that guff ? You could grab someone off the street to write the sketches for these 'comedy' shows and they would do a better and less predictable sketch.

'Outnumbered', the middle class family BBC sit com managed to outnumber the jokes with cliche's.

Their 'Christmas special' was a party in their house where everything predictable happened.

The chief butt of jokes was a creepy UKIP supporter who was a closet racist and didn't know everyone laughed at him and deserved everything that was coming to him. His wife was committing adultery with another woman . What fun they had with their nemesis.

We had lying policemen and kids doing online gambling ( it's ok because she made money and it's only the underclass who do online gambling out for our Panorama New Year 'special' on the poor and how online gambling is ruining their lives.)

Someone with mental health issues. But he can be's the BBC here for goodness sake....we can be funny about these things....heck loosen up it's Christmas. But woe betide anyone we don't like trying it though.

Oh and this is the funniest .....someone eats too much trifle........and is sick LOL. That's 'laugh out loud'. Definitely not 'lots of love'. No quarter asked for or given when the not so subtle brainwashing is being done.

To get an insight into the mindset of a monolith like the BBC you just have to watch one of their 'comedy shows'. They all follow exactly the same theme.

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