Tuesday, 11 December 2012

EU pauses to collect Peace Prize before picking it's next fight.

The EU collected it's Nobel Peace Prize today and they hadn't even had time to finish the celebratory champagne before starting another squabble.

President Barroso said that Scotland would have to reapply to join the EU if we became an independent state. This seemed to go against what we've been told by the SNP for many years. They assured us they had it all sorted and that we would be automatic members. Totally ignoring the thousands of Scots who don't want any part of the EU and would prefer a referendum on joining. Not really sorted. Just sort of sorted then.

Ms Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister of Scotland, was on BBC Newsnight to assure us that it was all a misunderstanding and that we would be in the EU. She said that the Spanish fishermen wouldn't be impressed if Scotland wasn't part of the EU.

You bet they wouldn't. Or the rest of the EU boats that are hoovering up our birthright.

The EU Fisheries Policy has been such a success hasn't it ?. Heck we've got so much fish we dump the ones we don't want....


  1. I suggest that everyone who is concerned about the effect of Senhor Barroso's comments on their Human Rights contacts the EU directly -


  2. hi Barney...I think I'll pass on that ta ;)

  3. In the end, if they chuck Scots people out of their union, then we should go, not re-apply for membership but remain, or rejoin EFTA and the Economic Area.

    Norway doesn't seem to be hurting to much from having done that. It is fair to say, of course, that Norway hasn't been led by a set of self serving wannabe Queen Victorias for these last 50 years).

    If we stay out then they will lose the fishing grounds (although many Scot's fishermen sold their fishing rights to Spanish boats so I'm not sure how that will work).

    We will be a rich country with natural resources, the ability to produce electricity without recourse to nuclear abominations, talented and educated people with some of the best universities in Europe, and we won't be a part of their club.

    I have always thought it absolutely essential for the united Kingdom to be a part of the EU, if only to stop us becoming a right wing nut job place like the USA.

    Scotland is a much more European country than England. Without the EU to civilise it human rights and protection for workers and the poor in England would disappear. The Tories already are setting out their stall for getting rid of human rights, and that will mean more or less altogether. Their modified act won't actually say 'Human Rights? Unless you are royal or a lord or an MP, banker or rich person, YOU HAVE NONE', but that is what it will mean.

    Cameron is busy tearing down people's rights to object to government projects so that soon they will be able to build a nuclear reprocessing plant next to your kids' school. He is getting rid of all sorts of planning rights so that cowboys will be able to build you a house almost anywhere, no matter how ugly or dangerous.

    But once we had rid ourselves of the money making machine (money for self I should add), then we don't need a moderating hand of Europe. We are European/Scandinavian ourselves. We care about people first and profit after.

    (I'm not saying all Scots and Europeans are good and all Englishmen are bad, but the general feeling is that England is far more right wing, and we are more left. Even if Europe has several right wing governments, they are always to the left of even Labour in England.)

  4. Hi tris, I think our basic human right to be able to vote for who sets our laws and regulations is temporarily suspended while in the EU. So we'll get that back if we leave the EU and the ECHR .

    How free is Greece, Ireland and Italy etc who are controlled by an unelected troika. Some of whom are ex Goldman Sachs ( £6Bn in bonuses etc while taking more in taxpayer bailouts) ?
    They may go through the motions of voting but they will be subservient to the men in suits from Brussels. Our new BofE Governor is ex Goldman Sachs so the future is clear. He who controls the money supply controls the country.

    It would be up to Spain to negotiate the right to fish in Scottish waters. They could shout all they want about 'their rights' but will be directed to the EU Commission who I'm sure will help them out. A quiet word in their ear..."that was a fishing treaty negotiated between the UK and the EU and Mr Barroso said Scotland has nothing to do with us after independence".
    There would be a lot of cheap fishing trawlers for sale in case you want a new career. All fitted with 'extra' compartments.


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