Saturday, 15 December 2012

Bah Humbug !

I was in Dundee City Centre today doing my annual Christmas shopping and spotted Desperate Dan with a new best friend on his head. The streets were packed with shoppers which surprised me with the double dip recession. I asked some of the shoppers if they were worried about the potential loss of our 'AAA' credit rating and whether the new Goldman Sachs guy at the BofE could turn things around. They said they 'didnae ken'.

There was an outside market with food and drink on sale. The 'buffalo burgers' were sold out at 1pm...probably due to the hundreds of fans down from Inverness for the football game against Dundee United ( 4-4 after United were winning 3 nil...disgrace !). They love their buffalo up there in 'teuchter' land.

I tried the German food instead..spicy hot dog at £3. It was ok but is still bubbling away in my belly. Time for some sudafed I think.

Getting home was difficult with the 'Wellgate Shopping Centre' closing the escalator next to 'Poundland' for maintenance. I was weighed down with bags from 'Poundland' full of 'things that might come in handy' so had to struggle to try and find a way up to the car park and escape from the city.

I didn't manage to find any presents so will go back when it's quieter.

I bet Desperate Dan doesn't have all this hassle every year...

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