Tuesday, 18 December 2012


I finally got around to seeing the new Bond movie 'Skyfall' the other night and enjoyed it. The cinema audience were deathly quiet for the whole film so I think they must have been enjoying the film as well. One of my favourite scenes wasn't the high tech fights or the helicopter attack on his Highland home, but the scene where he gets his old Aston Martin out of the lock up and escapes with 'M' into the night.

Then a comforting return to childhood when all the worlds problems could be sorted out by 'Bond......James Bond ' with the re assuring music that meant help was on the way....

Britain's version of the US 7th Cavalry. Bond in his Aston Martin. The bugles replaced by the orchestra.


  1. James bond is one of my favouraite characters. And his latest movie skyfall is really a nice one. I like every thing in the movie.
    Alex edward by Skyfall Clothes

  2. Hi Alex, yes it was a good film. I'm sorted for clothes thanks. Got some new stuff in the Primark sales the other day.

  3. Daniel craige in Skyfall looking awsome durng his actions and stunts. His dressing is cool and awsome in the movie. I love the movie.
    Catriona Lewis from skyfall suit

  4. Hi Lord Monty: Thank you for your response. Even i like Daniel Craig More in Casino Royale. But not doubt, he performed good enought in Skyfall too.


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