Friday, 30 November 2012

Witnesses will have to up their game.

I had my periodic visit from the Jehova's Witnesses the other day and wasn't so impressed with their efforts to convert me this year. Poorly briefed and easily persuaded to leave me to Satan was my overall impression of them.

At least last years pair were good sports and returned a couple of times to continue the sparring. Finally giving up and shouting that they "weren't paid to visit me" as they stomped off to the next soul to save.

There is always a dominant one and a quieter one. Maybe it's the good cop / bad cop approach that they think will work for them.

Although I don't believe in the supernatural I do like most religious folk because they are always polite and aren't likely to cause any offence or trouble. If we had more of them then we would be a safer and calmer society. It doesn't surprise me that they tend to live longer than atheists ( according to a BBC documentary last night must be true it was on the telly ) as they have a huge family to look out for them to see them through trouble and strife. A bit like the freemasons I suppose.

The session started the same way. What is wrong with the world. I opened with Gaza and the never ending cease fire / flare up. And why could a God let all this happen. Children blown to pieces and Him doing nothing about it etc. Out came the bible with quotes with their solutions and the the reasons why God couldn't always intervene. It was Satan's doing. He fell to earth as a broken angel and will be sorted out in the next coming of God etc.

Then I always say why should I believe anything you say if you believe that humans have only been on the planet for 6,000 years ? They counter that it's true because it's in the bible and therefore it's true. I ask about the fossils of humans that are carbon dated to 100,000 years old. This year they countered that the fossils were obviously contaminated by the surrounding rocks and stuff. Last years Witnesses said the fossils were put there by Satan in order to confuse us and lead us away from God.

I usually laugh then and and ask if they're serious. They usually try another tack and try to lead the conversation somewhere else.

This years pair weren't up for it at all and after a shuffle back and forward with the Witness literature ( Watchtower / Awake things) they finally decided not to leave me 'with something to read until next time' and stormed off.

I don't think they will look good in their 2 year report.

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