Sunday, 25 November 2012

Home sweet home !

I'm not sure if it was a good idea to go hillwalking and kayaking in the middle of November. But never mind. I survived and am home safe and well. I think it rained every day. We were staying in a lodge on Loch Tay and the views were fantastic....

Sadly a lot of the scenery is now being decimated as they clear the hills for windmills...

I also managed to get a few games of golf while I was away. Killin Golf Course is worth a visit if you're in the area. There's no starters box in the winter and they have an 'honesty box' where you put in £10 and can play all day if you like. The greenkeeper was pottering about and tried to keep me on the right track. The first tee was cool..

I wasn't sure about the 4th tee as it said 'beware golfers crossing from left to right' so I aimed for the gap in the wall and hoped for the best..

Whenever it looked like there would be blue skies they were quickly filled in with trails from low flying planes. I wish they would give us at least one day off ! ...

The trails made for some 'interesting ' photos I suppose...

There was a lot of flooding in a village near us called Comrie so we kept north of the loch on the Killin / Kenmore side. This dam on the road up to Ben Lawers seemed to merge into the scenery quite nicely. Something that windmills will never do...

The only drawbacks of where we were staying was there was no pub within walking distance and no access to the internet. Oh and some of the drivers are maniacs. I'm surprised there aren't more accidents. Driving in the middle of the road seems to be compulsory. Especially on blind corners.


  1. Glad your back safe and well as I hear that a kayaker lost his life today. Those poor windmills the ill of the worlds troubles!

  2. Cheers cynical. I've not seen the news today so missed that about the kayaker. I'll have to have a read and see what happened. Sad news indeed.
    Aye poor windmills. Get all the blame ;)

  3. monty

    You mean those luvvly windmills beloved of Alex Salmond snp which WILL mean the whole skyline and views thereof will be

    Here did you know Alex says in Debretts

    Recognising people of distinction and the finer things in life are true to Debrett's heritage.

    Hie best and most favourite book is Don Quixote

  4. hi Niko..Don Quixote..was that the mad bloke who attacked the windmill on horseback ? Maybe he wasn't all that daft !

    Hey doesn't your Ed Milliband love all those windmills as well ?
    I seem to remember he signed the 2008 Climate Bill that set all the windmill madness in motion.

  5. It's the wind that's why they are called 'wind'mills!

  6. hey cynical how do we get energy in the 100% renewable revolution world when the wind forgets to blow ?

    I looked up that kayaker death that you mentioned. A 6am kayak paddle on Loch Fyne with two other folk in the kayak. According to the report. It must have been dark and cold and terrifying for all three of them. RIP.


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