Monday, 26 November 2012

British MP returns home safely after going missing in the Australian jungle.

There were sighs of relief today as British MP Nadine Dorries returned safely to the UK after going missing in the jungle for a few days.

Popular Conservative MP Ms Dorries was held captive in the jungle on the other side of the world and was forced to endure torture and mistreatment. At one stage she was buried underground in a makeshift coffin and covered in maggots...

Ms Dorries was also forced to eat testicles, camels toe and ostrich anus in a sickening display that was filmed and shown around the world...

She was also forced to stand in stress positions with other hostages and entertain the captors with stories and jokes...

Ms Dorries eventually managed to swim to safety and contact her frantic family and constituents who were worried sick about her...


  1. Stupid cow.

    Still she's clearly seen that there is much more money to be made in being a Z list personality than there is in being an MP.

    So Jordan mark two... No talent, no skills, nothing really, except making a career out of making a career.

    Expect more from Dories.

  2. Just noticed this:

    So she's already found a way of paying no, or reduced tax on her tv earnings.

    Typical Tory.

  3. hi tris,

    I'm looking forward to seeing what she puts in the members interest register. ..."humiliated on live TV for £40,000"...kerching.

    Politics and showbiz is the same thing these days. It didn't do George Galloway any harm.

  4. Yeah true Monty. On the other hand he is his own party leader...whereas Mad Nad is a Tory donchaknow.

  5. True tris although I think Nad will probably join UKIP. She understands that our UK parliament just rubber stamps what it's told by Brussels.


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