Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Guy Fawkes Night.

Roseanna Cunningham " encouraged the public to attend organised fireworks displays, allowing families to enjoy a safe spectacle"......

Organised doesn't always mean safe...

I stopped going to organised bonfire nights when a health and safety officer in suitable dayglo vest took my sparklers from me as they were no longer allowed. I was in my 40's then and had been using sparklers for 40 years without a mishap.

Bonfire night used to be planned for months in our street and we would protect our woodpile from marauding gangs from other streets. Taking turns to guard it and make sure it was kept dry as November the 5th approached. The only mishap I had was when I stood on a piece of wood that had a rusty nail in it which went through my foot. Ouch.

A week before bonfire night we would make our 'guy fawkes' then drag it around the houses asking for a 'penny for the guy'. The money would pay for the fireworks and some sweets. We would always go mob handed as the threat from other gangs was always at it's height when cash was involved.

November the 5th would always be frosty and dry and the fire would warm everyone up. A few sad rockets would be fired from a milk bottle and the highlight of the night would be the roman candle and the catherine wheel. Jumping jacks and bangers would be thrown around to add a bit of excitement. Everyone had a packet of sparklers and would try and make patterns with them. Someone would throw some spuds into the dying embers of the fire and we'd eat raw potatoes with a burnt skin.

Looking back it doesn't really sound that exciting after all. Although it did at the time.

Oban still has the record for the fastest fireworks display..

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