Friday, 30 November 2012

Windpower manages to produce just 0.3% of UK energy needs as temperatures plummit below freezing.

Brass monkey weather today with the temperature hovering around freezing and plummeting below freezing overnight. The UK is sitting in a typical winter high pressure zone so the wind speed has fallen to almost zero.

Demand for energy will be at it's peak so I wonder how much our 4,000 windmills are providing to keep us all cosy ?.....

I'll save you the bother of checking. They're supplying 0.3% at the moment. With hydro supplying about 1%.

I'm not sure if it's worth destroying our beautiful landscape for such a poor return on the cost and decimation to the scenery.

Of course landowners and energy companies get paid whether the blades turn or don't turn so the windmill building will continue.

The other figures...




Roll on the "100 % renewables revolution".

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