Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Review...BBC Newsnight Scotland. Monday 1st July.

"The State of the Party" edition.

Three Labour luvvies agreed that the infighting between London Labour and the Unite union to pick a new candidate to replace Eric Joyce in Falkirk would soon blow over and that Scottish Labour leader Ms Lamont had played a blinder with her recent shadow cabinet reshuffle. Especially with the selection of Iain Gray at finance. Apparently the SNP's Finance Secretary John Swinney would now suffer 'sleepless nights' and the 'shallow' First Minister Alex Salmond would have to up his game in future.

Time is running out and there's still no sign of the international monitors.


  1. I bet John is fair shitting himself over old Elmer being opposite him. erm... not. Plus, appointing your ex-boss to a position where you will work VERY closely together, but this time with the roles reversed is unlikely to be a happy situation.

    As for Eck being shallow, I think they might like to look at themselves sometimes. Shallow would be a real compliment to most of their arguments.

    Roaming charges, postal charges...anyone? So shallow it took about 5 minutes to uncover just what a load of shite it was.

    I have always agreed with you that there should be international monitors. The UK will never agree to that though.

    It is only third world dictatorships that have to be monitored by the West. Not the second most important country in the history of the world...universe probably...ever!

  2. Watched newsnight last night (Tuesday night.)

    Bit of a mistake to be honest, Ian Murray (Labour MP and BT mouth piece) is allowed time on his own but Blair Jenkins is only heard through the screech of Brewer and the further mitherings of Ian Murray (who turns out to be a pathetic Labour apologist.)

    What Murray and the rest of BT fail to grasp is this issue of likelihood - what is more likely? That Scotland (for example) on independence will be turfed out the EU never to be allowed back in then be charged to use their phones or drive on English roads after independence day - or - those craven bastards in Westminster actually deliver an in/out EU referendum and Scottish people end up paying roaming charges not because Scotland isn't in the EU but because rUK isn't.

    We haven't even broached the subject of the trade barriers and red tape that might be thrown up if rUK leaves the EU, what are the likelihoods involved there?

    Someone should ask the vapid lightweight Murray that question.


    PS: Prof Curtice was also a disaster. Highlighting that Yes had remained immobile in the polls while only months ago telling us we were polling at 23% or so, (we're now sitting between 37% and 46% depending on which poll you look at.) He then fails entirely to mention the swing away from the no's to the don't knows.

    There's a $10 internet diploma in action right there.


  3. hi tris.....International monitors can easily be brought in if the Scottish Government asked for them. All of the media bias can easily be brought together in a presentation and presented to the people when they start waking up and asking why it's required.

    I can't wait to see Elmer showing us what a "forensic" mind he has as he carefully "dots the i's and crosses the t's" etc etc .....

  4. hi pa....I watched Newsnight last night as well and also regretted it ;)
    Yes, Mr Murray was allowed to go on and on uninterrupted and then Blair had to talk with constant rumblings in the background and the usual interruptions from the beeboid.
    The whole EU thing is a red herring to confuse voters as no one knows what will happen with the EU. I'd prefer to be totally clear of the corrupt institution but accept I'm in the minority. I'm certain more folk would want out of the EU if the truth about it was ever shown to them. Another censored story unfortunately.

    Prof Curtice seems happy to be the village idiot character in the whole debate. Used by both sides and he doesn't even realise it. I'm not sure why.


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