Friday, 5 July 2013

BBC Scotland's coverage of the Falkirk MP selection battle.

Resignations. Scottish Labour leader Ms Lamont in hiding. Allegations of cronyism and ballot rigging. Police Scotland called in after complaints of fraud.

BBC Scotland finally report on the battle between London Labour and the Unite union for the safe Labour seat of Falkirk ......


  1. LOL...

    I've yet to hear her name mentioned in the debacle.

    I was wondering if she had resigned.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but she was supposed to be in control of everything that happened in Labour in Scotland was she not.

    She was the boss of the MSPs, MEPs MPs and councillors... The buck stopped at her desk.

    So why was Spud saying that Unite doesn't run the labour Party; Ed Miliband does, when he was talking about Scottish Labour?

    Could it be that Mrs lamont does NOT run Scottish Labour, or British Labour's Scottish Branch office?

  2. hi be fair to Ms Lamont she will have to wait for her words to be sent up from that London.
    Maybe Elmer will come to her rescue. Hide her in his subway sandwich shop until the heat is off.
    I'm sure Spud is involved in this murky business somewhere. Can't be bothered checking though.


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