Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Britain and England are the same thing to most foreigners.

But you would expect a 'respected' newspaper to be better informed.


  1. When I get angry about this kind of thing, I remind myself that in the days of the Soviet Union, we happily said Russian bombs, Russia Invades Afghanistan, etc, and we talked about things happening in Russia, even if they happened in Estonia, or Georgia...

    ...and look what happened to the Soviet Union!

  2. hi tris....Same with The Netherlands being called Holland I suppose.
    Did the Soviet Union not become the EUSSR ? ;)

  3. I wonder if in 50 years, American correspondents will be confusing French sportspeople with say, German sportspeople?


  4. hi pa....hopefully we will all be independent nations outside of the corrupt EU by then and there will be no confusion.
    Spanish will probably be the national language of the USA as well ;)


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