Tuesday, 16 July 2013

BBC Scotland brings in establishment 'big hitter' in the run up to independence referendum.

The children at BBC Scotland's 'Good Morning Scotland' show are to be knocked into Unionist shape with the announcement that big hitter James Naughtie is joining them for two days a week. The Radio Four presenter is 'thrilled' at the prospect of joining the constitutional debate. BBC Scotland news is a joke at the moment. More like listening to a broadcast of the magazine 'Jackie'. Presenters giggle amongst themselves and are generally 100% behind the Union.

Mr Naughtie is 'famous' for calling the Tory MP Jeremy Hunt a c***. All by accident of course. Not because he hates the Tories as much as the SNP. Of course it was just an 'accident' that Jeremy Paxman and Andrew Marr also called Mr Hunt a c***.

Mr Naughtie's recent report from Kilmarnock on the effect of independence on Scotland gave us a flavour of what to expect when he joins us from that London.

It was all bad news with independence hopes "flatlining".

Another report said his trip to Kilmarnock was just a search for "doom and gloom" stories about Scottish independence.

So for people who listen to BBC Scotland news....expect more of the same.....horrible anti SNP and anti independence bile and hatred.


  1. BBC Scotland gets backing from less than half of Scots

    Less than half of all Scots believe the BBC is good at representing their life in its coverage of news and current affairs.

    Just 48% of people in Scotland believe the corporation does well at this - the lowest proportion of any of the countries in the UK.

    Surprised it's so high.

  2. hi cynical....yes I'm also surprised that 48% of people in Scotland think that BBC Scotland does well. The BBC in Scotland shows disgraceful bias against the SNP and plans for Scottish independence. Their news programmes are a joke and things will get worse with Mr Naughtie arriving to stir things up even more.

  3. Of course he was bang on about Hunt....He might reasonably have added the adjectives stupid ann F'ing.

    My favourite story about him is that he was covering one of the English party conferences some years ago, and he was having breakfast with some big wig lord from the party. He had to pay the bill (Lords don't pay bills) and presumably it was on the BBC (or to put it another way...US).

    He proffered his card.

    The waiter told him that they didn't accept credit cards and he flew into a hissy fit, and used the fatal "Do you know who I am" line.

    Of course the waiter who was probably a young lad, and not an adherent of the Today Programme, hadn't a clue who he was and he was left with egg all over his stupid flabby face.

    Sue McGregor would have been a far better choice. There's a proper journalist for you.

  4. hi tris...yes from what I've read and heard about him he has no class. Overpaid and over promoted. Another beeboid Unionist flunkey basically. Just what we need more of in Scotland (not).


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