Saturday, 29 June 2013

Fat specky bloke in a raincoat says that the First Minister of Scotland resembles a 'beached whale'.

A fat specky bloke in a raincoat has been saying that the First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, resembles a 'beached whale'.

The man ( pictured above in a field ), who calls himself 'Jackson' or 'Jacko' to his mates, is thought to be the former used car salesman and unelected Tory MSP Jack Carsatlowprices.

A specialist from the Institute of Studies explained....." You often get fat specky blokes who are ashamed of their appearance who constantly try and deflect attention away from themselves onto other people who they feel inferior to. There's a big posh word for this ailment but I can't remember it at the moment so I won't charge you my full fee."


  1. I'd rather be a beached whale than a blot on the landscape.

  2. hi can rescue a beached whale.
    Looks like he's not a stranger to the desserts trolley.

  3. Lordy, I bet the women just can't keep their hands off this fine specimen of a bloke.

    Actually I'm surprised he isn't mobbed. He reminds me of Harry Styles .... no, wait, Harry, Harry, Harry erm....Corbett. That's it, I knew it was Harry something.

  4. hi tris....he probably has a few bob and drives a flash car. Dundee's 'Courier' newspaper has all the wedding pics on a Monday and you can spot the blokes who have money straight away ;)

  5. The guy looks like a flasher.

    Out in the countryside, preying on unsuspecting members of the public. Maybe he has the positive case for the union in there somewhere...


  6. hi pa.....maybe he's bothering the sheep with his 'bitter together' scare stories. He's bigger than the electricity pylons so I wouldn't mess with him.


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