Saturday, 29 June 2013

Elmer Fudd makes a comeback.

Stand by for excruciating interviews from the sweating and panicky Iain 'Elmer Fudd' Gray. The man with the rabbit in the headlights interview technique has been 'promoted' to Scottish Labour Finance Spokesman by leader Jonah Lamont.

Despite his disastrous leadership of the party when they were thrashed by the SNP at the last election he's now deemed suitable to once more enter the fray.

Elmer is famous for saying he wasn't afraid of some OAP's with banners protesting about cuts as he had once walked the killing fields of Cambodia ( where over a million people were murdered by the Khmer Rouge).

Elmer retreated to a Subway sandwich shop until a taxi could be found to rush him away from the OAP's

I'm sure that video is still available.

Yes here it is...


  1. Don't sleep in the subway ...

    Good post on Lallands Peat Worrier about this. It seems that most of the promotions to spokesman, are people who, if Labour do well in the constituency elections next time, will not even have a seat, given the balance built into the voting system.

    They are only in parliament because the SNP more of less swept the board in the FPTP part of the vote, giving people who never expected to get in, the chance to get in.

    So if Labour does well, the new appointees are unlikely to be elected. And if Labour do badly, they won't be in government, so it doesn't much matter.

    Vote for us, we won't be there!

    Kazia Dugdale....FFS!

  2. hi tris...I'll go and read that post at LPW.
    Whatever the reasons for bringing back Elmer it's got to be scraping the barrel time. He's not comfortable in interviews and lacks any knowledge of his subject. A bit like Jonah Lamont.
    Good for the SNP I suppose.


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