Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Greek 'BBC' closed down to save money.

Greeks got to see what 'New Democracy' means when it's state broadcaster was closed down until September by their ' New Democracy' leader Tony Samaras.

Although I'm slightly envious that Greeks will no longer be relieved of their money to pay for a biased broadcasting company ( on threat of prison for non payment) do they not have to go through parliament or something ? At least to make it look democratic.

I forgot. Greece is now run by a Troika from the EU and it's citizens will be paying the bankers for generations to come in order to cover their incompetence in bankrupting Greece. Democracy is effectively suspended until further notice.

Shutting down the state TV company will be a handy way of getting rid of any troublemakers and will reduce the reporting of rioting in neighbouring Turkey. We can't have the Greeks getting any ideas now can we ?

This story is one to watch. Not on our own BBC of course. They will studiously avoid the story I'd imagine. Safely tuck it away at the bottom of page 2 somewhere.


  1. I wish someone would just shut the BBC down now. The whole bloody lot of it.

  2. hi tris....I think millions would agree with you. Horrendous waste of £3.4Bn ( taken from us on threat of prison ) that could be put to better use.


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