Friday, 28 June 2013

Scotland's beautiful wild places being destroyed by useless windmills.

Just back from a fantastic trip to the Kinloch Rannoch area of Scotland where I enjoyed a few weeks of kayaking and climbing. I love this part of Scotland and visit it regularly. Unfortunately my trip was overshadowed by witnessing the devastating effect of the windmill scam on some of Scotland's most beautiful wild places.

The area is in the path of the Beauly to Denny electricity pylon system that will bring the 'renewables revolution' energy from the north to the central belt.

I'm fed up repeating that windmills are useless and only fund rich landowners and energy companies. The schemes live or die on subsidies and provide only 13 to 25% of their claimed output over the year. They require 24hr back up from coal fired power stations or other conventional power generation systems. It's baffling why supposedly intelligent people like the First Minister Alex Salmond are falling for this madness. Ignoring all the evidence that they're useless. A blot on our beautiful landscape and killing our birds and bats at the same time. Oh and they're not 'green' and there's no 'global warming' and CO2 isn't dangerous. A little research would explain all of this. But our leaders aren't interested in the truth. They're locked into this madness and can't escape. And our beautiful countryside will suffer as a result. Leaving future generations to laugh at us while they remove all the scrap metal littering the mountains and glens of a once beautiful country.

Everywhere you go there are pylons and windmills and all the trucks and materials needed to build the follies. Hundreds of millions of pounds thrown away on the scam yet you can't get a decent phone signal and broadband is patchy at best. Oh and the roads are rubbish. Pot holed and crumbling. Oh and the local tourism infrastructure is a sick joke.

I took some photos to give you a flavour of what to expect if you venture outside of the suburbs into the 'wilderness'.

Click on the photos to enlarge.

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