Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Scotland's vehicles to be 'all electric' by 28013

With the announcement that Scotland is to invest £2.6m in increasing the number of electric car charging points across Scotland the Transport Minister Keith Brown said "I look forward to the day when the only vehicles on Scotland's roads are electric vehicles, and this funding will be a massive step towards that vision."

With approximately 2.6 million vehicles registered in Scotland and new sales of electric cars averaging 100 a year then Scotland's vehicles will be 'all electric' by 28013.

Of course this assumes that the 'plug in car grant' is maintained as this saw a surge in sales to 1,000 in 2012 throughout the UK. There's a £5,000 grant available to purchasers of private cars and £8,000 for white van man vehicles.

The 200 new charging points to be made available throughout Scotland works out at about £13,000 per electric car registered. So with the £5,000 grant for private car purchases this is a subsidy of £18,000 per vehicle.

Liberal Democrat Transport spokesman Tavish Scott said: "Until more drivers can afford green cars then charging points will only be used by middle class people whose second car is an electric model.

'Green' cars are too expensive for the average person with battery replacements costing the same as a cheap family hatchback. And of course they're not 'green' as they require to be charged using electricity from fossil fueled power stations and the manufacture of the vehicle negates any 'green' savings.

Mr Brown said "The move to EVs (electric vehicles) is good for our environment, helping to cut carbon emissions" so he has obviously not read the latest forecasts from the met office where they've found no warming for nearly 20 years despite a massive increase in CO2 worldwide. Any changes in temperature are thought to be due to normal variations.

Mr Hudson of the BBC weather centre said..."The new projection, if correct, would mean there will have been little additional warming for two decades despite rising greenhouse gases. It's bound to raise questions about the robustness and reliability of computer simulations that governments around the world are using in order to determine policies aimed at combating global warming."

Of course £2.6m for electric charging points is just a drop in the ocean compared the billions that will be wasted on windmills. And the SNP are just implementing the binding targets that have been set EU wide which will provide 800,000 charging points by 2020.

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