Monday, 11 February 2013

Alaska under threat from Scottish independence ?

According to The Daily Mail Scotland would have to renegotiate 14,000 international treaties if it got independence from the rest of the United Kingdom in 'a huge blow to the First Minister Alex Salmond'.

One of the treaties would be the "Convention between the United Kingdom and the United States of America respecting the Boundary between the Dominion of Canada and Alaska"

There were also worried Ministers in Northern Rhodesia poring over their boundary maps as they contemplated a change to the " Delimitation of the Boundary between Northern Rhodesia and the Belgian Congo"

And if Scotland does 'go it alone' then how will this effect the Treaty with the King of Dahomey about Peace, Commerce, Slave Trade and Human Sacrifices ?

They will be burning the midnight oil at Holyrood right enough re negotiating all of these essential treaties.

Behanzin, the last King of Dahomey in West Africa, sadly died in 1906 in Algeria. His beloved country was a victim of French colonialism.

One of his famous quotes was ...

"You can remove a man from his country but you can never remove his country from a mans heart"

H/T Wings Over Scotland.

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