Monday, 4 February 2013

Climate Change Secretary Changes his mind.

(May 2011)

"Having taken responsibility for something I did ten years ago, the only proper course of action for me is now to resign my Eastleigh seat in Parliament, which I will do very shortly', he said outside Southwark Crown Court.

(Feb 2013)

Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

Mr Huhne arriving at court.

I wonder if he shares a cell with a climate change 'denier'


  1. I read somewhere that brings up 40% of LibDem ministers who are convicted criminals just the peoples court for the rest in 2015!

  2. hi cynical..the problem is that they all seem to bounce back again though. Isn't Mr Laws getting lined up to come back ?

  3. He's already back, in a relatively junior position, but, if as promised, a pile of Cabinet and other ministers defy the whips on the gay marriage bill, surely they will be obliged to resign and Mr Laws can get back in.

    By-election in Eastleigh, then... wonder if the Liberals will hold on it it?

  4. Might get the first UKIP MP as a protest against the others as it is only for 2 years, cats and pigeons.

  5. hi tris..I didn't realise that Mr laws was sneaking back in. Giving £40k 'rent' to his gay lover who he claimed was just his landlord wasn't it ? Shocking stuff really. But sadly now par for the course.

    Hopefully Farage stands in Eastleigh. Be good to raise the UKIP profile in case there's an EU Referendum.

  6. hi cynical...was just saying the same thing :)


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